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4 Chiropractic Marketing Campaigns You Should Copy

4 chiropractic marketing campaigns you should copy

ATTN: Chiropractors!

Need PROVEN chiropractor marketing ideas you can use to grow your practice?

Get ready to learn:

  • The best way to generate leads for your practice for the least marketing expense
  • What successful chiropractic postcards look like (with 4 examples!)
  • Who to mail to and when for the best possible response (and revenue)

Look, I get it…

Marketing can be scary.

You put your money on the line, you put your promotion out there and then… hope for the best.

For some, it takes YEARS of trial and error (and thousands of dollars) before their chiropractic marketing gains any traction and produces consistent results.

But I want to eliminate the guesswork and wasted money and frustration that goes hand in hand with marketing by providing you with real chiropractic marketing campaigns AND their results.

No matter how many times you’ve tried marketing your practice in the past, these 4 chiropractic advertising campaigns will prove you’re on the right track towards growing your practice.

In fact:

Direct mail outpaces all other media platforms in terms of response rate.

Check out these statistics:

  • 1,254% is the average return on investment (ROI) for direct mail
  • Direct mail’s response rate is 750% more than email
  • Personalizing your direct mail by printing the recipient’s name on it can boost response by 135%

So given these statistics (which are recent, by the way)…

Give yourself a high-5 because chiropractic postcards WORK, and I’m going to show you 4 designs which have already generated leads and revenue for other practices.

Here we go!


effective chiropractor postcard design


“I targeted former patients as well as prospective patients. I increased my patient volume by 15-20 people per week with the postcards. Once the mailing began, I had an influx of former patients return. I also had 2 patients begin acupuncture as per the coupon on the postcard.”


1,000 Records:

  • Combined Database & Purchased List of Females
  • Ages 35-60
  • Income $40k+
  • 3 Mile Radius Around Office


Mailed out 1,000 once a month for 6 months to the same list (combined previous customers and qualified prospects).


One of the hardest chiropractic marketing ideas to impart on business owners is how critical consistency is! For your chiropractic marketing to impinge on your prospects and compel them to contact you for your special offer, you need to mail consistently so they see your chiropractic advertising over and over again.

FREE report: 128 proven special offers you can use for your next marketing campaign


Even if prospects who receive your marketing don’t need you right then and there (hard to believe!), the more they see your chiropractic advertising in the mail, the more they’ll trust that you’re a reputable doctor —

And one who’s worth contacting when their shoulders or back DO need crackin’!

Here’s the next one…


effective chiropractor postcard designeffective chiropractor postcard design back


“We had 32 people redeem the ‘gift certificate’ offers and generated over $29,311 in income!”


This chiropractor used his office’s personal list of 1,000 patients for their chiropractic ads.


They mailed just one time before the year ended to encourage their patients to get adjusted for the New Year.

Amazing, right?

Just ONE chiropractic postcard campaign generated:

  • 32 people contacting them to redeem their offers
  • And $29,311 collected in revenue!


Don’t underestimate the power (and potential sales) lying in your customer base! Also called chiropractic reactivation postcards, you can easily mail postcards to “reactivate” your past customers, reminding them to come in for another adjustment!

Need more chiropractic postcard designs?

We have an entire gallery aligned to your profession here.


effective chiropractor postcard design


“10 prospect calls and 336 clicks to our website!”


They mailed to 2,000 people with these shared characteristics:

  • Ages 24-55
  • Income $65k+
  • And — they ran Google chiropractic ads targeting local residents


They mailed 2,000 cards two times and showed their online chiropractic ads a whopping 985,396 times using DirectMail2.0.


Clients constantly ask me if direct mail is declining in popularity, given Google and Facebook seem omnipresent, but direct mail is FAR from dead!

I recommend combining the power of direct mail WITH online advertising to market your practice literally everywhere

We call this solution Everywhere Small Business. Watch the 1-minute video to see how, without lifting 1 finger, you can blast your chiropractic marketing everywhere your prospects already spend all of their time.

Here’s the last example…


effective chiropractor postcard design


“We’ve tried everything, and we’re finally seeing a great response from our marketing!”


They mailed to 5,000 records with these characteristics:

  • Purchased a Targeted Ailment List for Back Pain
  • Income $75k+


They mailed 5,000 cards weekly to this same list over the course of 3 weeks.


The majority of chiropractic marketing strategies will not generate a response, or return on investment, unless they’re consistent. Like I alluded to earlier, consistency is the #1 factor business owners growing businesses do, so it’s worth implementing even with your chiropractic reminder cards!

Can’t get enough of these chiropractic marketing ideas?

We have an entire gallery of chiropractic postcards and designs just for you!

Want custom-designed chiropractic thank you cards, chiropractic birthday cards, or even chiropractic Christmas cards? No problem!

Just give us a call at 1-800-628-1804, and we’ll send you FREE postcard samples of designs with any theme you want!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Real Chiropractic Marketing Campaigns and Their Results

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