Chapter 1: Marketing Strategy Defined
Chapter 14: 10 Elements of a Effective Postcard Design
Chapter 2: Two Step Marketing
Chapter 15: Writing Effective Ad Copy
Chapter 3: Attention Grabbing Marketing
Chapter 16: Crafting a Successful Marketing Offer
Chapter 4: Overcoming the 4 Marketing Obstacles
Chapter 17: Web Design Marketing Tips
Chapter 5: Email Lead Generation is NOT the Answer
Chapter 18: Building an Integrated Marketing Plan
Chapter 6: Marketing ROI is Key, Not Responses
Chapter 19: Setting a Marketing Budget
Chapter 7: How to Build a Marketing List
Chapter 20: Setting a Marketing Schedule
Chapter 8: Marketing to Customers
Chapter 21: Marketing Repetition is Crucial
Chapter 9: Marketing to Follow-Up List
Chapter 22: Tracking Marketing Campaigns & Improving Results
Chapter 10: Marketing to Targeted Prospects
Chapter 23: Lead Follow-Up Process
Chapter 11: Targeted Mailing Lists 101
Chapter 24: Complete Marketing Process Overview
Chapter 12: Targeted Mailing Lists 102: Keep Them Fresh
Chapter 25: Postcard Marketing Case Studies
Chapter 13: How to Design an Effective Ad
Chapter 26: Key Marketing Terms Defined