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How to Attract More Clients This Tax Season

Whenever I talk to CPAs and tax professionals about their marketing, they tell me they get most of their business through word of mouth. This is great, but word-of-mouth marketing only goes so far.

If you're finally ready to really grow your tax preparation business, read the rest of Joy's article here!

4 Marketing Strategies that Have Already Worked for Tax Preparers

Today, small CPA firms are up against so much competition — from do-it-yourself software to the big-budget tax powerhouses — they find themselves wearing the new and unfamiliar hat of marketer.

Where do you even start? How do you grow your firm effectively and for minimal cost?

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5 ways you sabotage your dental marketing

When you invest in something, whether it's a piece of equipment, an employee, or your marketing, you want to make sure you're going to get the best possible return on that investment, right? Of course. We all do! Yet I see so many dentists invest their marketing dollars in direct mail postcards and fail to do the simple things that will maximize responses...

You can read the full article in the November 2016 issue of Dental Economics, or online here!

From Mail to Sale: This Old-School Marketing Technique Can Triple Your Responses

It's seen as old-fashioned 'junk mail' by some, but direct-mail marketing is paying off for many entrepreneurs.

Inc. Magazine sat down with Joy Gendusa to discuss how to make direct mail work in today's digital marketing landscape. You can read the full article in Inc.'s November 2016 issue, or online here!

Successful Startups that Began with Under $100

Thousands of people have dreams of turning a business idea into a multi-million dollar company. And just as many worry about finding the capital to begin. But money isn’t everything, and those who want it the most find ways to make it happen.

PostcardMania CEO Joy Gendusa is among this list. Read the full story here!

Restaurant Marketing with Joy Gendusa

 I love talking about marketing... So it was fun speaking with marketing expert Joy Gendusa, founder and CEO of PostcardMania.

We covered a whole bunch of restaurant marketing topics, including...

  • How the traditional restaurant marketing formula has changed forever
  • How to effectively "get local" with your marketing
  • How to make good offers and maximize birthday marketing
  • The importance and power of list building & processes in your marketing success
  • Keys to successful restaurant branding
  • How to do restaurant deals & promos the right way
  • Website & email tips for restaurants
  • And more...

You can listen to the entire interview here!

An Interview With Joy Gendusa of PostcardMania, a Marketing Company Specializing In Lead Generation

Joy Gendusa is the Founder and CEO of PostcardMania, a marketing company specializing in lead generation and direct mail. She grew her business from a small startup into an industry leader with only a phone, a computer and her own marketing savvy — NO capital injections or angel investors. Today, PostcardMania employs 200+ people and generates over $45 million annually. You can learn more about Joy’s journey and her marketing philosophy in the interview below...

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Joy Gendusa Among 2016 Women of Distinction Honorees

Ten document and graphic communications professionals were named Women of Distinction, bringing the total number to 117 worldwide. The Women of Distinction designation has been in existence for 15 years and is one of the OutputLinks Communications Group's industry recognition programs. The newest recipients – and the 107 past honorees – are leading the document and graphic communications industries to greater success.

See the entire list here!

4 easy steps to your most productive 4th quarter ever

Dentists: Here are four easy steps to get more patients in the door in Q4.

Well, here we are again. The kids are back in school and we're starting to see Halloween decorations in stores—already! Families are settling into their routines and starting to (seriously) think about the holidays, which means that getting to the dentist is just about the last thing on their mind. But if you want to finish out the year with highest-ever revenues (and what practice wouldn't?), you need to get marketing—now.

Keep reading for the rest of Joy's dental marketing tips.

Marketing Principles that Led to 46% More Patients in One Year for this Dental Practice

A year ago, Village Green Dental was regularly acquiring 55 new patients per month. Practice owner Jason Monroe, DDS, knew they could do better. Of course, he was right. Today they're seeing 80 new patients a month. That's 46% growth — and it happened in one year.

Read more about Dr. Monroe's marketing plan here.