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  • I really liked that you nailed what we were looking for just from the survey!
  • PostcardMania contacted me several years ago about my website and I decided to have some postcards designed. I have always been very pleased with PostcardMania since then. The excellent work from start to finish and the professional way the jobs were handled has encouraged me to continue to use PostcardMania on future jobs. The response with the postcards is wonderful. A special thanks to Jody Gower for her knowledge and support through the whole process.
  • It's the second best way we're getting patients next to word of mouth.
  • When I purchased my newset store in 2009, the business performance was trending downward, grossing $11K a month. One year later, after I remodeled and signed up with Postcard Mania, business doubled. YES, doubled. Here we are in 2012, celebrating our 3rd year, the specials I offer via Postcard Mania brought me even more customers, thus an even better gross revenue, now over $25K a month! I believe in Postcard Mania and will continue to use them! Brian Brunckhorst President, Advantage Laundry, Inc. www.advantagelaundry.com
  • Your folks always call me by name and have good manners, and I appreciate it.
  • Order took longer than expected.
  • Their rates are reasonable.
  • I love my sales rep Susan. She is so helpful and always comes up with great ways for us to make our mailing more successful. When I am in doubt, I can always reach her to come up with a great solution.
  • We have received an 8% response.
  • Everyone I spoke to was very polite, pretty professional, and well spoken.
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