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  • I must commend your work on our website it is wonderful professional and stupendous! Your caring and correcting every detail is something special.
  • I love the site! I love how y'all took my colors and branding throughout the website. Very simple and easy to work with postcardmania. Thanks !
  • We do love the site. Kimi was fantastic!
  • Josh, we got 108 downloads yesterday! This is probably one of the biggest download days in our history. It also ties in with our new release, yet still, that is a lot of downloads. It is 3:11Pm and we have 74 already, when 74 is a very good day for total downloads. We still have another 9 hours to go until midnight so we may pass 100 downloads again! We were getting many CAD type customers from the downloads but that has dropped off so now our downloads seem to be of better quality. We will get a download report with KID by next Tuesday so we can see which are best drivers to focus on. Have a great weekend.
  • I don't know how to thank you for all that you have done to get my small internet business on the ground.A few months ago, I was on Page 17 on Google and didn't have any orders coming in. Thanks to both of you, the Paper Click is (costly) but it gets you up in the ranking where customers begin to find you, place orders and then the exciting part fill them. Today I followed up with several past customers and they starting writing beautiful reviews about my customer service, fast shipping and the quality of my kippahs. Now I felt it was time to write something nice on how Postcard Mania is working for me with the two of you at my side.
  • Well we went live on Thursday I think. On Friday, we got our first call and our first order! I think Josh and I looked at it – that I spent $16 thus far and made $115 (that was at the time) We have had several calls. Weston isn’t the best at keeping track but I think about 10-15 total. We don’t have any more orders, but we are getting reaches and that is all I can ask for! It’s been great
  • We’ve been working with Jono on lots of website and emails designs and your design team has been doing an incredible job! I love the work your team puts out. Thanks so much for helping us succeed!
  • Outsourcing this task just makes good sense from a financial standpoint. Hiring a person with this expertise is much more costly – factor in salary, benefits, vacation & sick time and common sense trumps any other option. The lack of in-house skills is also a major factor for me. Since we don’t have any staff with this skill-set, just mentally entertaining it leads me back to outsourcing. The time-consuming aspect is real. Since we have retained PCM for our PPC campaign, I know how much time Josh spends on our account alone – LOTS – and it’s definitely money well spent. Lastly, we don’t even know where to begin with finding the right tools which are a vital part of the research and efforts for a successful PPC campaign.
  • Dear Josh and Nick, Let me take this opportunity to salute and thank both of you for all of your conscientious work and continuous betterments for my company’s Internet presence! Especially for working with me, personally, who knows little about the various issues and nuances that need to be properly, timely, and professionally addressed to support a highly successful Internet marketing effort that your efforts have created for us. (We receive constant offers from your competitors to switch to them, which I instantaneously delete. Obviously, the increase in these solicitations is ONLY because your efforts there at PostcardMania have consistently improved our Internet and Google standing thus we more and more come to the attention of your competitors, and we do to our potential customers.). Thanks again to your personal dedication to our marketing efforts. And I look forward to continuing our relationship with you as new opportunities present themselves,
  • To the all the Team Leaders who supervise: Alex Hansen, Derrick Minutello, Jody Gower, Alex Panko and Audrey Rokita. I want to express my gratitude to my whole team. They have professional guided me thru my first website, postcard, mailing and mailing list exceptionally.,
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