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Direct Mail Design Questions FAQs



How Do You Want The Artwork?

We accept your art files via email, direct upload to our site or regular mail. Please go to Submitting Art for more info.

Can I E-Mail My Artwork?

Yes, email your art to your marketing consultant and she or he will forward it to our design department. Or, you can e-mail artwork directly at:

What Are Your Design Costs?

Please go to Design Services for more info.

Do You Accept PC Format?

Yes as Quark and Pagemaker are now cross platform. Please go to Submitting Art for more info.

Do You Accept Transparencies?

Yes we do.

Do You Accept Negatives?

No. Actually, we hate negatives, and don't recommend them. Just send us the actual photograph, and we'll be able to get much better quality for you by scanning it. A negative has to be blown up so much that the quality goes down significantly.

Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804