Retail Store Marketing Postcards

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Proven Marketing Ideas for Retail Stores

We have worked with hundreds of retail stores to build their marketing campaigns, and we have tracked the data from those campaigns. Above you’ll find examples of the cards our actual clients have used with spectacular results. You can use any sample design you see for your own business and customize it with your logo. Or, if you prefer, we can design you a brand new card from scratch. Simply use the arrows to scroll through the gallery, and don’t forget to further your marketing education with the amazing resources at the bottom of the page!

Postcardmania Retail Customer Reviews

It is easy, you handle all the details, I just do the payment. But I still have input on the design and it shows my vision. I love that we can work together on it and your department is patient with me in making corrections and color changes etc. The response was exactly what we wanted, generated several calls and facebook messages from shoppers!

Sabrina, First off…… Let me say THANK YOU for all of your follow up emails, postcards and marketing packets. I have been completely consumed by our new store and horribly behind in sending my thank you. I would also like to mention that working with Winston was a wonderful experience. His level of customer service, patience, understanding and urgency was OUTSTANDING!!! Our entire experience with our first mailing was fantastic. We were a little concerned at first, being out of state. But you and your team have definitely helped us overcome that.

In ten years, this was the best. Communications were great and there were very few changes necessary between our concept and final proof. The receptionist was very friendly and knew me by name. Carly got me needed information almost before I finished asking for it. Great spirit of wanting to help us. Gabby stayed on top of things all the way and made sure that things got done right the first time and also with a great spirit. We presented Postcardmania with our rough idea and there was wonderful follow through between Carly, Gabby and the designer to get to the final proof quickly and accurately

I found PostcardMania through a Google search and was connected with Susan Tibbs. She was pleasant and very professional and I have had nothing but WONDERFUL experiences from your entire staff. I will definitely continue using PostcardMania for all of my future print jobs.

Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804
Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804