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Why Size Does Matter (For Postcards)…

postcard sizesSometimes – just sometimes – the smallest postcard size is PERFECT and nothing bigger is needed. And the kind of businesses that can get away with (and totally win with) a small postcard are…

A business without any competitors.
A business with a niche product or service and a very specific list. (I.e. a chess school that promotes to children between the ages of 5 and 11 the small card is perfect.)

But, can I be honest with you? One thing that really bugs me is when a client hires us to design a really great postcard for them, we find a perfect list for them to mail to, but they refuse to consider anything but our smallest size postcard! The smallest (4.25” x 6”) is simply not the best for any business that has competition!

Okay, it bugs me, but I guess I understand the impulse. The small ones are less costly! However, there are legitimate reasons why a larger card is oftentimes more effective than a smaller one. Legitimate reasons like…

Larger cards are easier to see!!!

Anyone care to disagree?

Here’s the thing. It is a completely reasonable desire to save money where you can, even when it comes to marketing. If you can pinch some pennies and still get the same great results, by all means do it. BUT, if you are pinching pennies and it is lowering your response, Return on Investment (ROI), and overall marketing success… It isn’t worth it.

I’m going to give you a little description of the kind of businesses that should be using the respective card sizes. This way, you can decide for yourself whether you are pinching pennies in a negative or positive way.

Regular Size (4.25”x6”)
Again, the business that should be using the smallest size card is one that has relatively low competition in the market. In other words, you are either the only business around offering what you offer, or you are one of a few and the others don’t really market that much. Additionally, your product or service offering needs to be relatively easy to explain. You don’t have a lot of real estate on a 4×6 card, and nothing kills effectiveness like clutter. IF those apply to you, you’re fine with a 4.25×6.

Jumbo Size (6”x8.5”)
Businesses in the Jumbo category are generally in a market that is fairly cluttered. Maybe you have a handful of competitors to deal with. Or maybe you have just one competitor, but they are marketing pretty heavily, especially in the mailbox. Also companies in this category might have products that require a bit more explanation. Or multiple deals they want to offer. Those extra couple square inches are really worth it if you have more to say.

Colossal Size (6”x11”)
This size is perfect for a few different types of businesses. The companies using the colossal sized cards are businesses fighting for every inch. Marketing is fierce in their industry and they need to make sure they are seen. Dentists are highly competitive and they pretty much all market like crazy. Even if you’re not a dentist, maybe you have a high quantity of competitors or just high quality competition. Businesses in this category also tend to be the most ambitious, since it is the largest card offering. A card of this size tells prospects you are serious about getting their attention and business, and this translates well in terms of response.

Also a business that is new or unusual and really needs to enlighten the market place should use the colossal. For instance, we are currently designing a card for a business that changes your lawn into an incredible, edible, organic garden! Who doesn’t want that? But they need to really explain how easy and inexpensive it is and they need to GET YOUR ATTENTION, because you probably aren’t sitting at home thinking “Wow, I need an organic garden instead of my lawn.”

So there you have it. Look at your own situation and decide where you stand.

Or call your marketing consultant at 1-800-628-1804 and they can help you figure it out.

What are your experiences with card sizes? Any success stories?



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