What Facebook and Google don’t want you to know about their ads

It’s no secret that people are spending more time online than ever before. It seems like every day, there’s a new app, podcast or streaming service out there. We’re more online than ever.

My Chief Marketing Officer planned her entire wedding on her phone, and that was years ago!

With more time spent on our smart devices, that means we’re seeing more and more digital ads.

And I have something to tell you about those ads.

Something that Google and Facebook definitely don’t want you to know…

Truth is:

Just because we’re spending more time online and seeing more ads doesn’t necessarily mean that digital ads are getting more effective.

In fact, usually the OPPOSITE is what’s happening.

While people increase their media consumption, they’re also increasing their exposure to digital ads.

And too much exposure to advertising is not a good thing for business owners trying to market their business.

The most recent Direct Marketing Association (DMA) report found something interesting:

Email, paid search, social media, AND online display only have a 3.3% response rate – if you combine all of their response rates together.

On top of that:

The cost of digital ads across the board is through the roof over the past year.

Our digital ad department runs on a sizeable 5-digit budget. For us, Google’s prices have doubled in the past year. Facebook has gone up even more. And who knows if we’ve even reached a ceiling on these costs.

But I have some good news:

We noticed this trend a while back, so my team has been in the marketing lab cooking up something special.

After two years of relentless testing, we finalized a new way to follow up with your website visitors with something much more effective than just digital ads…

Introducing the newest must-have tech in your marketing arsenal – Website to Mailbox!

It’s similar to digital follow-up ads that you see everywhere online after visiting a website (which is called retargeting) but replaces or accompanies those online ads with physical mail as the follow-up tool.

While digital retargeting is becoming increasingly less effective, direct mail is becoming (and always has been) more effective.

The same DMA report mentioned above found that direct mail has a response rate of 9% — nearly triple the combined total response rates of email, paid search, social media, and online display.

Website to Mailbox aims to allow you to utilize direct mail to retarget anonymous website visitors to create an even more personalized direct mail marketing experience than ever before.

Think of it this way:

How many websites do you visit a day? You go to a website, scroll through their pages for a bit, decide not to buy something, and never return. Millions of Americans do this every single day, multiple times a day.

With Website to Mailbox, several days later, that product you were curious about? You receive a coupon for THAT EXACT BUSINESS in the mail.

Digital marketers capitalize on these anonymous website visitors for years with lead capture forms like popups. You might’ve noticed a popup while reading this newsletter.

While these lead capture devices perform very well, studies show that businesses still lose nearly 96% of anonymous website visitors that don’t put in their information.

Website to Mailbox doesn’t require visitors to input any information to receive a postcard.

It works by capturing their IP addresses and compares the data with a physical address. If there’s a match, it will automatically print and send them a postcard in 24 hours.

While it isn’t the first direct mail retargeting system available, it is the most accurate targeting system available on the market.

It took 2 years to finalize because I refused to sell something inaccurate…unlike the other guys.

Our anonymous testing of 3 other vendors showed abysmal results:

  • Provider 1: 97.92% of results were inaccurate/wrong houses
  • Provider 2: 87.5% of results were inaccurate/wrong houses
  • Provider 3: 100% of results were inaccurate/wrong houses

Early estimates indicate that our matching systems will deliver mail to website visitors with 80% accuracy. These other vendors aren’t even in the same ballpark!

This will be a game-changer for small businesses everywhere; I know it and can’t wait to see the success stories that come out of this program.

Read more about Website to Mailbox here.

If you have ANY questions on what a Website to Mailbox campaign will look like for your business, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-628-1804.



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