The Biggest Direct Mail Tech Development You Probably Missed

I’m all about getting you the most leads for the least spend – and what I’ve discovered is the more technology we develop, the easier and the cheaper it is to provide our lead generating services to you. Our latest development is truly the BEST and the most exciting to me!! This technology is so very affordable and will make your follow-up seamless. What is it? You’ll have to read this blog to find out.

If you’re like me, you probably feel like the past couple of years have just flown by. A lot has happened in the world, so it’s quite possible you missed the BIG NEWS about our newest direct mail technology.

In June 2021, we released a new product called Website to Mailbox. It took us two years to develop it into a solid marketing tool we knew our clients would love.

Why did we spend so much time on creating Website to Mailbox?

Why is it so special?


NOW, you can send postcards automatically to prospects who visit your website and don’t convert (or give you their contact information).

Within 24 hours of them visiting!!

Not only does Website to Mailbox expand your avenues to reach more prospects, it increases your chances of turning an interested website visitor into a customer.

Picture this…

You spend an evening out with a close friend and try their favorite red wine. You like it too, so you google the wine to see how much a bottle costs. After finding it and clicking through to an online wine shop, you leave the site (after all you’re at dinner with a friend) and think that you’ll buy it next time you go wine shopping.

A couple days later, you receive a postcard in the mail from that same online wine shop, offering $25 off an order of $100 or more.

Do you think you are likely to take them up on their $25 off offer?

Or, imagine you are thinking about hiring a professional landscaper to fix up your yard. You google, “landscape designers,” click on several of the links, visiting a few local company’s websites. You take a bit of time looking through their picture galleries, but eventually close your browser because you aren’t ready to make a commitment yet.

A day or so later, you receive a postcard in the mail from ONE of those landscaping companies with an offer for a free design consultation.

Do you think you’re more likely to schedule a design consultation with the company who sent you the physical postcard? They seem a lot more credible now don’t they?

Now, they’ve prompted you to think about calling them. It gives them the opportunity to meet you and make the sale, and it helps you get to know their company better so you can make an informed decision.

That’s the power of Website to Mailbox.

The sad, but honest, truth is that most people are going to visit your website and then leave without making a purchase. In marketing terms, we call them “bouncers.” Like the example I just mentioned, the website visitor was interested, but not interested enough to make a purchase that very minute, so they bounced.

Yes, you may have spent a pricey penny on developing a fantastic website — and a pretty penny more getting people to it. But developing an amazing website that causes people to linger is only part of the equation.

Website to Mailbox is the perfect solution because:

It re-engages those bouncers.

And it does so while they’re at home, relaxed, sorting through their mail… aka it’s un-intrusive, unlike digital ads.

Now you have another opportunity to reach a much warmer prospect (because they showed interest by visiting your site) with a postcard automatically.

So how does it work?

  • PostcardMania creates a tracking tag for your website, installs it, and sets up parameters for which visitors will receive a postcard. For example, you can exclude current customers (people who have already purchased from you) who visit your website, so that only brand new prospects that type in your website address get a postcard. You can also only target people who visit a certain page, like a pricing page or visitors who spend a certain amount of time on your site (for example, only visitors who are on the site for more than 30 seconds).
  • PostcardMania creates a postcard design, or multiple designs, for your Website to Mailbox campaign. That way, a postcard is ready to go the moment someone new (who fits your ideal prospect’s profile) visits your site.
  • Using the custom tracking tag we created for you, PostcardMania uses a proprietary process to match the website visitor to their home address.
  • If a physical mailing address is found, then your pre-designed postcard is sent to them automatically within 24 hours.

We’re proud to say that based on our extensive testing of our platform and every other one we could find on the market, PostcardMania currently has the most accurate direct mail retargeting automation technology out there. Our in-house developers could not find any other data match sources that were even close to as accurate as the technology we developed.

We’ve done the research and seen other retargeting direct mail providers miss up to 100% of intended houses!!

So again:

Why should you care?

Sending postcards to website visitors can be a game-changer for you because the same people taking an interest in your company are seeing your name again. They took the time to visit your website, so why not give them another opportunity to get to know who you are?

Just as Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads help remind prospects about your brand, Website to Mailbox increases your chances of conversion because they are seeing your name again. But this time, it’s in a different (more proven effective) format that gives you instant credibility… aka… postcards.

According to HubSpot, the average time a person spends on a website is about 54 seconds; in reality, it is probably much less than that.

A person may spend the same amount of time looking at your postcard, but what’s different is now they have a physical advertisement in their home that they can keep.

Maybe they decide to read it again later, save the coupon for when they need it, or perhaps they contact you right away when they see your call to action in bold letters, “Call Now!”

In any case, when people receive mail:

They take more time and attention reviewing it than when they browse online.

One of our roofing clients decided to try Website to Mailbox with us and landed a new roofing job after sending only 57 postcards! They only spent $94 total and, given that a new roof costs between $10-20K, this client received a huge return on their investment.

For just a fraction of your marketing budget, you could reap big rewards too.

People are busy in this day and age. They need to be reminded why they took an interest in you in the first place. They could have started to research your company online and then got interrupted by an emergency! You are just continuing the conversation they already started.

You can read more about Website to Mailbox and how it works here.

If you’re curious about how Website to Mailbox would work for you, call one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804. Remember, their marketing advice is always FREE!

You can also email me directly at, and I’ll get back to you when I can.



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