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Are you guys ready for another small business website design analysis! Today we’ll look at the website for Mountain Flame Propane of Prather, CA. As always, we’ll be following the 5 essentials of a business website design.

Let’s check it out:


MountainFlame Propane’s website is attractive and engaging. The green and taupe color scheme is sophisticated and warm — which is perfect, considering that warmth is basically what they’re selling! The rotating pictures on the home page let visitors know right away what kind of business they are (in case the business name and logo doesn’t take care of that!). The website has a lot of functionality, but it’s organized well so it’s not overwhelming to visitors. New prospects and returning customers alike can easily navigate the bar at the top to find what they’re looking for.



The website says a lot about MountainFlame Propane — literally — which really helps build their credibility with prospects. Here are the items that help build trust:

  • The About Us page gives visitors a brief history of the business, so they know about MountainFlame’s origin and purpose.
  • The photos on the Meet the Staff page make visitors feel more familiar and comfortable with the business.
  • A page featuring safety information offers important, valuable data for prospects in the form of downloadable PDFs.


  • Putting the business phone number on the top right of every page increases visibility, making it easy for prospects to contact them.
  • A bill-pay option not only makes doing business with them easy for current customers, but is a selling point for potential customers, too!

SEO (search engine optimization):  

When you optimize your business website for search engines, you increase your chances of getting on the coveted “first page” of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. This is important since only a quarter of people who use search engines scroll to the second page and beyond! Using relevant keywords throughout your website helps boost your SEO, as does including those keywords in your URL and page titlese (which appear in the tab at the top right of the page above the address). MountainFlame uses keywords like “propane refills,” “propane tank repair” and “gas appliances.”


On MountainFlame’s website, the copy (that’s the writing) is easy to read and comprehend. It’s professional, but uses terms the layperson can understand. The site uses subheadlines and bullet points, which increase readability for busy prospects who need information quickly.



Programming is all the stuff that visitors don’t see, but that allows them navigate your business website with ease, making pages load quickly and photos display correctly. MountainFlame’s website has excellent programming, which helps prospects feel that they’re a competent, professional business.

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