NutriMost Website Design Analysis – Knoxville, TN

Now that it’s summer, do you have that perfect beach bod you want? NutriMost is there to help people in Tennessee lose weight quickly! Their website is the subject for my small business website design review this Friday, so get ready to analyze the site with me.

My standard website analysis rules apply: there are 5 essentials of business website design that you have to know if you want to turn online prospects into customers. I’ll describe them as we go through the site.

Go through the site with me:


The design of your website should immediately convey to prospects your product or service, as well be intuitive to navigate for first-time visitors. NutriMost has a bright and colorful website and it’s clear at first glance that they are a weight loss clinic. The logo and contact numbers are at the top of every page and impossible to miss. This is great for prospects who just want to pick up the phone right away and call.



How well your website functions as a marketing tool is determined by how effectively it converts visitors and prospects into leads, which you can then nurture into customers. The NutriMost website has quite a few marketing goodies that improve their chances of turning visitors to paying customers.

Here are a few examples:

1)    Contact information and maps– NutriMost includes a plethora of information on their homepage on how to contact them. They display the address, phone number, hours of operation and a Google map of the location to BOTH businesses in Tennessee. This is reassuring to prospects and conveys that the weight loss program is so successful it’s actually expanding.

2)    About Us page with real pictures– Prospects want to get to know who is behind the business, especially in a personal field like medical weight loss. Including real pictures and descriptions of your staff is a great way to build trust. NutriMost does just that for both doctors at each location, so well done there!

3)    Big video button at the top of the page – It’s the 21st Century, and this one is simple: people LIKE video! YouTube videos generate BILLIONS of views PER DAY. Plus, this video gets a couple things right:

  • It opens up in its own popup right on top of the homepage, keeping visitors grounded and on their website
  • The video features real success stories and the real people behind the product

An important addition I’d like to see is that NutriMost add a web contact form on every page. These are essential for capturing prospect information so you are able to turn them into leads and clients. If they included a web form and offered a free consultation, I’m sure they would generate many more leads.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so that search engines can understand what your website is about and rank it for relevant keywords people might be using to search for sites like yours. The better your SEO, the higher your website ranks for certain keywords. Nutrimost targets keywords like “fast weight loss” and “diet plans,” as well as their locations, in order to bring in more local traffic.


The copy on your website should be concise and easy to understand. The copywriting on the NutriMost website makes it clear that they’re passionate about successful and lasting weight loss that helps improve people’s lives. They describe their weight loss plan in a way that is easy to understand — none of the terminology is too advanced. I’d like to see them break the text down a bit on the Services page by adding a few bullets and bolding a few key phrases to make the content easier to scan, which is what most of us are doing when we’re browsing the internet.


Programming consists of all the coding that a visitor doesn’t see, but experiences while browsing the website (pages loading properly, links navigating to the correct place and pictures displayed properly). There are no flaws on NutriMost’s programming! All the links work properly and the videos included function just the way they are supposed to. Good job!

Does your site have all 5 of the small business web design essentials? Find out by downloading our Ultimate Small Business Web Design Checklist.



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