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The MAJOR Revenue Source Hidden Right Under Your Nose

This might surprise you…

But when I speak to small business owners, something I’m asked constantly is:

How can I get MORE out of the marketing I’m already doing?

9 times out of 10, they’re missing ONE critical aspect of marketing that exponentially boosts their success — and it’s CHEAP. So cheap that it still boggles my mind!

It’s one thing that every single small business in the country can improve:

Capitalizing on your hard-earned website visitors — regardless of their initial level of interest!


Turning more of your website traffic into leads that you can follow up with.

I mean, you spend sooo much money driving traffic to your site — but that’s not the ultimate goal. You want that traffic to become individual people that you can close. They need to be leads you can follow up with.

Because the more you follow up with someone, you increase the likelihood that:

  • People will see the benefit of your product or service
  • They will remember you and your business
  • They will choose you when it comes time to buy


You’re already spending all this money to drive interest in your product or service and awareness of your business. Why let it go to waste??

Imagine this scenario:

Let’s say a floor installation company is spending an average of $500 per week to drive traffic to their website, which funnels them 50 new visitors per week.

That’s $10 per visitor, and that’s pretty good by marketing standards.

(Keep in mind that you’re likely getting more direct leads from people who see your postcard or Google business listing and call you right away, which is great! But for the purposes of this exercise, I want to focus solely on website visitors.)


50 visitors per week x 4 weeks = 200 visitors per month

We know based on years of data that 96% of visitors will leave without interacting with anything and only 4% will convert on your website and become a lead.

4% of 200 visitors = 8 leads per month

Of those 8 leads:

Around half (4 people) will actually follow through to book an appointment to get a quote. Depending on your ability to close, it’s leaving you with 1-2 sales.

8 leads – half that won’t book appointments = 4 qualified leads

4 qualified leads – half that won’t buy = 1­-2 new customers a month

While 1–2 jobs a month isn’t bad, you could be doing more.

Let’s say those 1-2 new jobs bring in $3,000-$7,000 each. Some months you might get two big jobs for $14,000, but on leaner months you might get just the one job for $3,000.

Let’s say it averages out to 1.5 new customers a month worth $5,000 a month.

While averaging $5,000 per month from website traffic alone (that costs you $2,000 a month) is a decent return:

You could be making to $50,000 per month from the same amount of traffic.

That’s right:

Your website could be making your business 10X revenue!

You’re probably wondering how we got there.

Let’s rewind a bit to those 200 monthly website visitors you’re already getting. We walked through the 4% (8 people) who will convert on their first visit.


What about the other 192 people??

They were interested enough to visit your website, but not enough to commit at the time.

You spent $2,000 to get them there. That’s a lot of money!!

Here’s why this is so important:

THIS is the hidden revenue secret that every small business owner can take advantage of:

Getting a greater quantity of interested website visitors to become quality leads, reaching out to you for more.

Question is:

WHAT ELSE can we do to get more of those 192 people to raise their hand and say, “Hey, I’m interested”?

With a few small adjustments, and if you’re closing a 1 out of 4 of your hard-earned leads, and $5000 as the average job size — what if could get 40 of those 200 visitors to be legit lead? If I do the math, you’re looking at $50,000 in new business.

It’s well worth the extra effort to follow up!


There are marketing technologies that can do the follow-up for you – automatically.

They are scalable and affordable.

More importantly:

They can completely change the trajectory of your business.

Here are a few options that I highly recommend to capture more leads and revenue from your website’s traffic:

1. Send follow-up postcards to website visitors.

There’s a reason I named my company after postcards — they work.

Really, REALLY work.

Study after study shows that in the digital age, direct mail marketing is becoming increasingly more effective.

So imagine combining the power of digital follow-up ads with direct mail. It’s possible!!

Our newest marketing technology, Website to Mailbox, helps you follow up with those 96% of anonymous website visitors with a physical postcard, completely automated.

It works like this:

After an anonymous website visitor leaves your website, Website to Mailbox captures their IP address and sees if there is a match to their physical address. If a match is found, and the prospect fits your predetermined qualifying factors, a follow-up postcard is mailed automatically within 24 hours.

Direct mail retargeting is a brand new technology, so it doesn’t have a lot of research supporting its lead generation capabilities, BUT:

In 2018, the Direct Marketing Association showed that direct mail’s response rate among prospects is 5%. (400% better than email, social media, and paid search.)

So, theoretically, if you’re sending follow-up postcards automatically to the 96% of website visitors that don’t convert, this is what would happen:

192 of visitors that leave your site

x 5% that will respond to your follow-up postcard

= 9.6 more leads

x 25% closing rate

= 2.46 new customers

That’s $10,000 right there.

And with only 192 website visitors to follow up with, this would be VERY affordable. I’m talking $330 per month MAX. That’s $82.50 per week or $11-and-change per day.

And these prices come down as you gain more traffic — as low as $0.80 per piece. So there’s still savings to be had as you grow and scale.

But basically:

A Chipotle order a day in exchange for 2 new customers every month!

If you’re spending that $330 at the very tippy top of your budget, that is still a 2,930% ROI.

I will take that deal every day of the week!!

But I still want you to get even more out of your untapped website traffic.

Here’s another trick of the trade for you:

2. Implement and optimize solid lead capture systems on your site.

Regardless of which marketing channel your website visitors come from, they were curious enough to discover more about your business.

Pique their interest even further by offering them something in exchange for their contact information with a lead capture system, like a form or a pop-up.

Pop-ups used to have a bad rep, but I love them — and I’m not alone. More marketers and businesses are turning to them to capture 65% more leads.

Let’s return to our equation from earlier with a pop-up system in place:

8 original leads

x 65% lead increase from pop-ups

= 5.2 more leads per month (or 13.2 total)

I mentioned above that every 4 additional leads equate to roughly $5,000 more in revenue — adding a pop-up gets you there. And as long as you have a website, it’s basically free.

But, I want to challenge you for more:

You should continue to optimize your website’s pop-up through A/B testing, so you can continue to increase your leads.

A/B testing is where you send half of your website traffic to one pop-up and half to another pop-up in order to see which pop-up performs better.

Here’s a quick diagram that’s more show-don’t-tell:

AB test explained

At PostcardMania, we do this continuously.

We increased our pop-up’s conversion rate from a 0.27% to 3.98% over the course of a few A/B tests.

comparison of popup conversion rates

It was so successful for us that we decided to offer this service to you via a product we’ve dubbed the Catch-That-Lead Tool. And it’s incredibly affordable at $49 a month.

With our Catch-That-Lead Tool, the website in our scenario would generate even more leads:

200 monthly visitors

x 3.98% improved pop-up conversion rate

= 7.96 more leads

Those leads are ON TOP of the additional 5.2 leads you get from adding just any pop-up. When you add both together, you get:

7.96 more leads

+ 13.2 total leads

= 21.16 new total leads per month

If you close a quarter of those leads, you’re averaging well over 5 brand new customers a month just from adding a little more focus on lead capture.

For just $49!

That’s an ROI of 50,920%.

Quite simply:

If you aren’t running pop-ups on your site and A/B testing them to continuously improve conversion, you’re missing out on easy money.

3. Run coordinated digital follow-up ads that trail every website visitor.

Digital follow-up ads function based on a website visitor’s online behavior. The idea is that a website visitor took the time to visit you — continue to remind them of that initial interest with an online ad.

Digital follow-up comes in many forms: email, social media, search engine, etc. The channels we’ve found for the best returns are Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Using various remarketing (follow-up) channels can help increase conversion by 150%.

So, if we add it into our equation:

21.16 leads per month with pop-ups

/ 200 website visitors  

= 10.58% old conversion rate

x 150% conversion increase

= 15.87% new conversion rate

x 200 website visitors

= 31.74 total new leads per month

Now that we know about how many leads you can get by adding on digital follow-up ads, let’s see how it affects your bottom line:

31.74 total leads

x 25% closing rate

7.94 new customers a month

x $5,000 average job size

= $39,700 a month

That much more revenue per month would be life-changing.

It may sound like a lot of work to get there, but again — our Everywhere Small Business product automatically shows follow-up ads to your website on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

It’s all done for you by trained marketing professionals so you don’t have to constantly manage all of these different ads on different platforms.

Even if you’re spending an extra $1,000 a month on follow-up ad services — or $1,049 to throw in an ever-improving pop-up — your ROI is still somewhere around 3,900%.

That means you’re earning about $39 for every $1 you spend.

I can’t think of a better way to spend $1!!

Now, let’s add everything up:

7.94 new customers per month from pop-ups and digital follow-up ads

+ 2.4 new customers a month from follow-up postcards

= 10.34 new customers a month

Let’s round it down to 10 new customers a month.

10 new customers a month

x $5,000 average customer value

= $50,000 extra a month

Yes, you do have to increase your original $2,000 budget slightly in order to optimize your lead capture and follow up… but — as you can see — the potential extra revenue already buried in your website is well worth it.

Like I said:

You’re already spending money to drive interest in your business and get prospects to your website.

Spending a little bit more to follow up with people who were already interested enough to visit your website in the first place is THE best investment you can make for your business right now.

The ROI on great lead follow-up is HUGE.

I’m talking exponential.

Whether you do it with us or someone else, it doesn’t matter either way. We give this data to you as a tool to succeed.

If you want lead capture and follow-up technologies explained any further, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-800-628-1804. Our marketing consultant advice is always free!



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