Mailing 101: How to Address Direct Mail

One of the most important aspects of a direct mail marketing campaign is reaching the right person in the company or home. When you are mailing to a business, it’s not always possible to obtain a list of the correct contact names you want to target. So, it is very important for you to know exactly “who” you want to reach within the company and to include this in the addressing of the pieces.

For example, when we’re marketing PostcardMania’s services, we mail to “Attn: Marketing Director”. This way, the receptionist or person in charge of distributing the mail knows exactly who to deliver the mail piece to.

If you leave the decision up to the receptionist or whoever distributes the mail, your chances of reaching the correct person probably drop in half. So, if you are unsure of whom to send the mail to, test out a few titles to see what gets the best response. Pretty simple.

This definitely applies to mailing to homes as well, although in that case you are more likely to reach the intended person. You can still use a title to your advantage, though, by mailing to “Attn: Future Homeowner” or “Attn: Spa-goer” or “Attn: Man of the House”. This will catch the attention of the recipient and of course you can customize the title to best describe your intended recipient.

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