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4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Generate Leads Post-Pandemic

I don’t know any small business right now that isn’t laser-focused on generating more leads — but obviously:

On a budget.

Most small business owners don’t have massive financial reserves to draw from. And even if we did?

The pandemic likely dipped into any set-aside funds we had (myself included). 

But here’s the deal:

Your business will dry up and die if you don’t generate leads, not to sound fear-mongering, but it’s true.

Of course, the key is…

How do I generate leads on MY budget? 

Well, whether you have little to spend, or you’re extremely fortunate and have a lot to spend, I can help.

I was asked a while ago to contribute to on the subject of lead generation. 

So I sat down and wrote an article. This was several months ago, way before COVID-19 was in the picture (man, those were the days!!).

I wrote this article with every small business in mind:

  • Whether you are just starting out
  • Or if you’ve been in business 2-3 years
  • Or if you’ve been established for decades (nice!!)
  • Or… now relevant — you just survived a pandemic.

That’s why the information you’re getting today is 100% Low Budget Approved. 

After all:

With millions of businesses being shuttered just a couple of months ago, none of us can afford trial and error marketing…

Our marketing just needs to work, and we need to see leads from it. 

So I’m sharing this article with you today because I know from a survey we conducted that many of you pivoted your marketing efforts in light of COVID-19 — and who can blame you. 

I know times remain VERY tough for many of us, but please do not table the idea that generating fresh leads for your business is not vital to your future and survival. 

If you have 5 minutes, take a read of this article on, which features one FREE strategy and 3 pay-what-you-can options to bring in leads and nourish your bottom line.

And note:

Here at PostcardMania, we’ve used and still use ALL of these marketing strategies. So I KNOW they work. 

I really hope this information helps you. We are extremely lucky at PostcardMania that we never had to close our doors (though we did allow 200 staff to work from home). And because we continued working through the pandemic, we are ready to help you get your business back on its feet, or into a whole new range of revenue.

If you need any help at all with marketing strategies to grow your business, whatever your budget, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our trained marketing consultants are available to give you a FREE one-on-one consultation, just call 800-628-1804. 

Or, you can always email me directly at



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