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It’s time to take a look at another small business website! Today we’ll check out the website for King Green Lawn Care Service and Fertilization of De Motte, IN. We will be following, as always, the 5 essentials of a business website design.

Let’s go through it together:


When prospects visit your website, they should immediately know what your business is offering. You can accomplish this with photos and colors that are appropriate for your industry. King Green’s sophisticated gray-and-green color scheme and photos of beautifully manicured lawns tells prospects right away what kind of business they are. Plus, the design is simple and tidy, which makes it easy for prospects to navigate! I think I would prefer a white and green color scheme that would be a little easier to read, but I like that you don’t have to think about what the business does. It’s very immediate!



A good small business website should include several items that help advance the sales cycle by increasing prospects’ affinity for your business and capturing their contact information. Here are the things King Green’s website uses to that end:

  • Contact forms on every page make it easy for visitors to request a free consultation (which also helps King Green capture their information to follow up with them later!)
  • A valuable offer of a free estimate and $15 your first service encourages prospects to try out their service
  • Their phone number, along with a clear call to action at the top right corner of every page makes it easy for prospects to pick up the phone and call
  • A lawn care FAQ offers visitors useful information and builds credibility; the addition of an About Us page would make this website even better


SEO (search engine optimization):  

When you optimize your business website for search engines, you improve your rankings for certain keywords. That means when people do an internet search for words relating to your business, your website will move closer to the top of the result listings. This is important because 75% of people never scroll past the first page of results, and there’s A LOT of competition out there! King Green uses keywords like “crabgrass” and “lawn care” and “fertilization” to increase their rankings.



The copy (also known as the writing) on King Green’s website is concise and easily digestible. They use short paragraphs and bullet points on their Lawn Fertilization page, which makes it extremely readable. And even when they’re talking about the science behind lawn fertilization, they use terms laypeople can understand!



Visitors can’t “see” the programming on your website, but if it’s bad, they definitely know it! A website with programming problems has pages and photos that load slowly (or not at all) and broken links that take visitors to an error page — it’s very frustrating! That’s why good programming is so important, and King Green’s website works beautifully! Well done.

Does your business website have all 5 of the small business web design essentials? Find out by downloading our free Ultimate Small Business Web Design Checklist.



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