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Hi, I’m Joy Gendusa, CEO and Founder of PostcardMania.

Did you know that you can display Google and Facebook ads to the same people you target with a postcard campaign? Using direct mail, Google, and social media, your prospects will see your business everywhere they already spend their time: at home in their mailboxes, on thousands of internet websites, and on Facebook. We call this coordinated marketing strategy Everywhere Small Business, and here’s how it works:

We create a gorgeous, results driven postcard design for your business based on the information we know works from creating campaigns for over 78,000 other businesses. We then design matching Google and Facebook ads so the whole campaign is coordinated. Our EverywhereSmallBusiness software automatically displays your Google and Facebook ads while people are receiving your postcards. Meaning: your prospects see your marketing over and over and over again online, in addition to receiving your postcards in their mailboxes. By seeing your marketing everywhere, your prospects are more likely to remember you and contact your business!

We automatically track how many calls your campaign generates, using our call tracking feature. Call tracking also enables you to login and listen to all of the calls your campaign generates. Even if someone calls after hours and hangs up – its recorded and you can just call them back in the morning.

If you’re interested in really growing your business, call us at 800-628-1804 today to ask about using Everywhere Small Business!

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