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How to Brand a Company Name

We’ve all seen those cool company names that just stick in your head as soon as you see them. Google. Band-Aid. Starbucks. Amazon. 95% of you know exactly who those companies are, because they created a memorable brand in their industry. Google is synonymous with online search engines. Everyone calls adhesive bandages “Band-Aid”s without a thought. Many people don’t ask their friends, “Do you want to go get coffee?” They say, “Do you want to go get Starbucks?” This is because Starbucks has branded themselves as the only option for coffee in the minds of so many consumers.

Strong branding of your company name makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your marketing, and vice versa.

I experienced the power of a great brand at a conference recently. I was sitting in a presentation, when a photographer entered the back of the room to take some pictures of the presenter. Usually, I can never remember the name of a photography business after I see it, because it is usually just the person’s name. But, this photographer took a different approach and it totally worked…

The first thing you notice about him, when he walks into a room is his huge afro. Then, you see his t-shirt says FroKnowsPhoto.

THAT is great branding. I still remembered his company name even after I got back to the office a few days later. To this day he’s the only photographer that immediately comes to my mind. When someone says photographer, I automatically think: “That photographer with the afro, his company name is FroKnowsPhoto”. That’s the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that you need to use, when coming up with your own company name. Make it something unique and memorable that will stand out as a brand.

Just think of Apple. These days, I think “computer” before I think “fruit,” and it is because of the incredible branding that Apple has built for their company. So, take some time to analyze your company’s brand. Could you benefit from rebranding with a fresh name?

When you are figuring out how to brand your company name, just remember The Fro. The Fro Knows.

What are some great branding techniques that you have seen? Let’s discuss this fun topic in the comments below…



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