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Floor Plan Art Website Design Analysis – Seattle, WA

I have a unique business for us to look at this Friday! Floor Plan Art — it’s an illustration company that focuses on rental floor plans. It was a new industry to me too, which is why their website is the subject of today’s small business website design review!

As usual, my standard website analysis rules apply. If you need a refresher, here are the 5 essentials of business website design that you have to know if you want to turn online prospects into customers. These are important to any website and I’ll discuss each one in detail as I go.

Go through the site with me:


When a visitor comes to your website, not only do you want your site to look good, but you also want the visitor (a prospect perhaps?!) to IMMEDIATELY know what your business offers. That means the design of your website should reflect your products and services. Floor Plan Art’s website does this by featuring an above-the-fold banner with example illustrations of some floor plans. Smart move there!

Also…you want your website to be intuitive for first-time visitors.  If they want to get pricing, see images, or get questions answered, they should be able to do that — and easily too. And what do we see across the top of the banner image? Tabs with everything I mentioned a prospective customer would be looking for. I would say they nailed the design and navigation aspects of their website, wouldn’t you?



If you want to generate leads, your website needs to be marketing-driven.. Through effective marketing tactics, you can turn visitors into leads, which you can then convert to clients. Here are the marketing tools Floor Plan Art applies effectively:

  1. A portfolio showcasing their service – Being a floor plan illustrator is not a common service. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever come across another…So with that in mind, the portfolio works well because it shows off their work while further informing prospects and happenstance visitors of their service. That fact that they show the original floor plan alongside the 2D and 3D mock-ups is impressive. Gives the impression that this business goes above and beyond the call of duty.
  2. Frequently asked questions – Most of the time, a prospect doesn’t want to pick up a phone to have their questions answers. So by providing answers to the most commonly asked questions, you’re making it that much easier for your prospects to call you when they’re closer to buying.
  3. A satisfaction guarantee – On nearly every page, just under the web contact form, Floor Plan Art includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This further convinces prospects to try the service, because if they are unhappy, they won’t have to pay a thing!  So let me ask you this… Who doesn’t love a satisfaction guarantee?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

If you want your website to show up in your prospect’s search, you first have to optimize your website. To do this, you include words and phrases in your copy that people would typically use in a search for products and services similar to yours. That’s why Floor Plan Art uses phrases like “floor plan design” and “illustration service.”  Remember, the better your SEO, the higher your website ranks.



You never want prospects and customers to leave your website confused, so make sure the copy on your website is concise and easy to understand. By keeping their copy minimal, Floor Plan Art’s visitors are able to get the necessary descriptions without being bombarded by useless information. Just take a look at their Pricing page, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!


Programming is all that stuff that you usually hire someone else to do because let’s face it… it’s SUPER confusing if you’re not tech-y. But all that tech-y stuff is important because it’s what allows your visitors to navigate your pages and experience properly loading pages, clickable links, and stream-able videos. If you click around Floor Plan Art’s website, you’ll find that their programming is spot on. Well done!

Now it’s time for you to go through your website and see if it has all 5 of the small business web design essentials. Find out by downloading our Ultimate Small Business Web Design Checklist.



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