Direct Mail SECRETS That Generated $400,000 in Revenue From ONE Campaign [FREE Webinar]

Just last month, my staff and I celebrated PostcardMania’s 20th anniversary… yes, time FLIES!

In honor of 20 years in business — and 81,767 clients — I wanted to show you some of the results (and crazy EASY strategies) my clients have been using to boom their businesses.

Check out these results:

  • 631 prospect calls and over $400,000 in revenue from just ONE direct mail campaign
  • Return on investments as high as 14,000%
  • Direct mail marketing secrets that can 400X your campaign’s response
  • And MORE!

I put together a webinar that shows all the best direct mail strategies, designs, special offers, and yes, even SECRETs you can use to grow your business…

And you can watch this webinar for FREE here!




  • Hi Joy,

    I am trying to get the company I work for to start doing DMA in Austin TX. I work in outside sales in the Make Ready/Recon side of the auto industry. We work with large franchise dealers. We get their vehicles as soon as they come off the mfg trailers (from Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Cadillac etc) and we get those vehicles all pretty and ready for the sales line/dealership lot. My problem is that I’m in Fort Worth, TX and Austin is about 2.5hrs away and it’s to far to be going all the time. Believe me twice a month is too much as its a long time consuming trip because of construction work in various spots of the trip. I found out out from the Austin, TX new car dealer assn that there are 1300 dealers in the Austin area. I would like for our company to send the largest card you have at least 1x per qtr. This will need to be a targeted list as we’re only targeting new car dealers. Do you have any experience in working with new car dealerships? Cann you send me some case studies in case you do? I would like to show these cases to my owner. Can you give me a delivered and printed cost for a full color 2 sided card? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you, Ismael Delgado

    • Ismael, absolutely! We’ve worked with a ton of car dealerships. Give us a call at 800-628-1804 for a FREE consultation to hear which marketing strategies are working best for your industry!

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