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If you want to rake in more customers and revenue with your postcards (and why wouldn’t you?), you need to master the 10 elements it took me years of trial and error to discover…

Now, I could just tell you what those elements are (and you can read about them here). But if you are a hands-on, visual learner (like me), you’ll want examples. So every week, I’ll pull a winning postcard design from PostcardMania’s files and show you why it works.

This week’s postcard design comes from Anya Corporation, a marketing company in Nashua, New Hampshire. Let’s get started! First, the front of the postcard…

NOTE: The more you familiarize yourself with good marketing principles, the easier it is to implement them in your own marketing! I encourage you to check back regularly for the latest postcard design analysis (or better yet, sign up for email alerts!).

AYNA CORPORATION 118239_6_Page_1

1. Headline
Your headline is the thing that grabs recipients’ attention. You need to give them a reason to pick up the postcard and read it. The headline should be clear and concise (“clever” headlines aren’t always your friend), and communicate how your business can help make their lives or businesses better.

The headline on this card is, “We Can Help Make Your Small Business a Big Deal!” It’s really just okay. Sure, it sums up what they may be able to do for a small business, but it could definitely be a lot clearer. I had to read the entire postcard to find out what they actually do and recipients are not going to take the time to do that. The headline has to instantly tell the reader exactly what it is they get or what problem the product or services solves. Something like, “An Easy Solution for an Amazing Online Presence” or perhaps “Bring your marketing into the 21st century!” And then a subhead of exactly what they do.Its important to understand who is reading the card how much they understand your product or service. I can tell you that most small business owners do not understand how to use social media or the internet to enhance their businesses. Even after reading the entire card its still a bit vague as to exactly what they do. Anya provides services that build the online and social media presence of their clients to bring them more revenue.

2. Images
Images are a huge plus for effective marketing, because you can use them to reinforce your marketing message, connect with prospects, and help illustrate the benefits of your product or service.

In this postcard, Ayna uses a graphic depicting sales growth on a computer screen and two sharply dressed business professionals. From their confident poses, the people in the picture look a little bit like secret agents. While these stock images do look pretty good, the design could possibly be made even more effective by using real images of their staff, a client, or a campaign they did for a client. I would prefer to see an actual client on the front and maybe then the headline can be “Anya took me from no real online presence to __________________” some meaningful quote as the headline. We can all see if a photo is a stock photo or the real deal from a mile away. Even if the photo is not super professional its still raises the trust of the recipient to see a real person than a stock model.

Now, let’s flip this bad boy over and take a look at the back of the card…

AYNA CORPORATION 118239_6_Page_2

3. Colors
The colors of your postcards are chosen to get attention. This isn’t always by just choosing the brightest colors you can find, although that is often effective. You can use muted tones as well, and still stand out. You just have to find colors that are consistent with your brand and your marketing message.

This company is about bringing technology into their clients’ businesses and giving them an edge with a powerful online presence. To suit this marketing message they chose jet black, silver, white and a nice muted blue to illustrate their sleek, technologically advanced business.

4. Sub-Headings
On the back of the card, the process starts again. Your color scheme, images and headline got them to read the front. Now you have to create a great sub-heading that mirrors the sentiment of your headline, while going a little deeper and prompting the reader to read the rest of the card.

The sub-heading on this card is “Don’t lose touch — the power is in your hands.” This is again, a little vague. My recommendation would be something that mirrors the main headline and introduces the idea of follow-up. This could be something like, “Never lose touch with a prospect again.” – If that’s in fact what they do. I can’t actually tell from this card unfortunately.

5. Benefits
The benefits of your product and services are the heart of your marketing. You can package it perfectly and make it look great, but at the end of the day you need to give the readers the real reasons to buy from you. How does the purchase help them?

This postcard makes it really easy for prospects. They have a section called “Benefits”. You don’t need to be subtle about it. You’re not trying to sneak the benefits into the copy. The benefits are the whole point of the copy. That’s what prospects want to read! They communicate exactly what you do for your customers. On this card, Anya’s benefits are clear and easy to understand.

6. Offer
Once you set up the card with great design elements and compelling benefits, you need to seal the deal with an irresistible special offer. The Ayna Corporation offers 5,000 SMS credits for text message marketing, a free domain name and 10% off their other services. That’s some really valuable stuff they offer for free, as well as a discount on the rest of their services. After reading how their services will benefit them, this kind of a special offer pushes prospects over the edge. At that point, not calling feels like missing out – and people hate to miss out. They may want to try tweaking the layout of the offer slightly to turn it into a coupon with a dotted border so that it is 100% clear that it is a discount offer.

Not sure of a good offer for you industry? We’ve compiled an entire report of winning offers from several of our top industries — it’s free and easy to download! No strings, we promise.

7. Call to Action (CTA)
Once you convince prospects to contact you, you need to tell them how and give them all the necessary information. At the end of the card they implore readers to “Call or Visit Us Online to Learn More.” This is great, because it invites them to explore their own online presence to see if their work backs up their marketing claims. The url given is a little tough to remember or type, perhaps they could lose the “http://” portion of the url and just use “”.

8. Logo
9. Contact Information
10. Return Address
Your logo, contact information, and return address always need to be featured on your postcard design. You would be amazed how many designs we receive from clients without these elements included! As you can see, all are accounted for on this postcard.

What do YOU think? Would this design make you call?



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