Direct Mail Marketing FAQ: Why Do I Need to Do Repeat Mailings? (video)

This is definitely one of the direct mail questions we get the most at PostcardMania. Business owners want to know why they need to spend money sending out the same card design over and over. I understand the impulse to save money and just mail once, but if you look at the results you’ll get from a one-off mailing (as opposed to a repeat mailing), there is really no comparison.

What you need to do is think about how you react to advertising. Do you respond right away as soon as you see an advertisement? Most people do not work that way. By sending out a postcard (or other advertisement) on a repeated basis, you are giving prospects the chance to see your message multiple times, and you are also giving them multiple chances to respond. What we have seen time and again with our own advertising is that people are much more inclined to respond after they have seen an ad a few times. So if you are not doing repeated mailings, you are potentially missing out on MOST of your sales. Marketing repetition is crucial! Marketing repetition is crucial!

Here’s a video of me talking in more depth about the idea of marketing repetition: Direct Mail Marketing FAQ: Why Do I Need to Do Repeat Mailings? Give it a quick watch.

Think about the way you respond to advertising; how many times do you need to see a particular television commercial or ad before the product and brand resonate with you? It takes a while. Different people react differently, in terms of how many times they need to see something. Personally, I make very quick decisions; if I want something and I see it once, I’ll buy from it. Those are the people that are going to call you right away, when they get your first postcard.

Most people will take your postcard, think about it, put it in a pile, and then throw it away, or they will just throw it away. They will go to your website and they will think about it. You need to hit them a number of times before they actually take action, in most cases.

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