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Direct Mail Marketing FAQ: What Size Postcard Do I Need? (Video)

Truth be told, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding what size direct mail postcard to use to market your business. A few of these factors are:

• How many others in your industry are using postcards
• What size your competitors postcards are
• How much information you need to convey

The best option for you as a business owner is to talk to a postcard marketing professional about your specific situation. My marketing consultants are available to give you free advice regarding your marketing. Simply call in and ask your questions! No pressure to buy from us. The number is 1-800-628-1804.

Here’s a video of me talking in more depth about how to make sure you get good results from your postcards: Direct Mail Marketing FAQ: What Size Postcard Do I Need? Give it a quick watch:

The size of the postcard really depends on a number of different factors. One is, are you marketing to an audience that’s receiving a lot of promotion from somebody else in your industry?

Because if you are, like if you’re a dentist or an electrician or someone who sends out postcards as a way of getting leads, if your industry is doing that, you need the biggest, best postcard. You need bigger.

If you’re in a niche industry that doesn’t really normally promote with postcards, then you can use a 4.25″ by 6″ postcard, because you’re not competing in the mailbox with somebody else doing the same thing you’re doing.

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