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As always, these small business website design analyses are here so you can see examples of website designs that incorporate all of the 5 essentials of business website design. I’m your host Shannon Johnson (PostcardMania’s Web Design Specialist), and my next analysis comes from the day camp industry. The business, Pine Grove Day Camp, is located in Wall Township, NJ.

See the site in action:

Pine Grove Day Camp Homepage


This website has a very engaging look. The top of the page is a graphic of pine tree branches, complete with pine cones hanging down. The navigation buttons are located in the branches. Then there are some navigation buttons vertically on the right side. The branches and the vertical navigation buttons frame an area that rotates pictures of kids having fun at Pine Grove Day Camp. The layout is fun and the very natural color scheme captures the essence of a quality day camp very well.

Pine Grove Marketing 1Pine Grove Marketing 2Pine Grove Marketing 3


There are several marketing wins on this site:
Video and Family Testimonials ― Videos are great for building trust with prospects, so are testimonials. Having them both in one place is a great move.
Brochure and DVD with Information Form ― You want your visitors to fill out your contact forms. Pine Grove offers a full brochure and DVD to give prospects as much information as possible about their camp. This is an incentive and will build trust in your company.
Virtual Tour ― In the same way that videos are great for building trust, this virtual tour section is a great way to let prospects explore the camp from the comfort of their homes. It increases the comfort level for prospects and encourages further exploration of the camp.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the practice of optimizing the copy on your website so that search engines can understand what your website is about and how they should rank it for particular keywords. This site is optimized for the keyword phrase “Day Camp”. It also specifies “New Jersey Day Camp”, “Monmouth Day Camp”, and “Tom’s River Day Camp”. Adding these keywords allows Google and other search engines to easily figure out what this website is about and suggest Pine Grove’s site to anyone looking for New Jersey day camps.

Pine Grove SEO


Pine Grove’s site doesn’t use a lot of copy. They communicate their message through videos and pictures. You can get a sense of their voice from their About Us page. The copy there is warm and personal, yet written in a professional manner. This makes the visitor feel that Pine Grove has a professional operation and a philosophy that is caring towards their customers.


Programming is a tough one to judge, because you only really notice the programming when it isn’t working properly. However, it’s a very important quality to have in your site. Pine Grove’s website operated perfectly. The videos all loaded and played, and were positioned well. Overall, the programming of this site was well done, which allows visitors to focus on the message of the site not its operation.

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