10 Beautiful Church Invitation Postcards You Can Send

10 Beautiful Church Invitation Postcards You Can Send

Want beautiful church invitation postcards you can mail to attract more parishioners?

We’ve designed successful church marketing postcards for 7,722 churches and religious groups in 20 years…

So, here are 10 church postcard ideas you can use!

1. Invite people in for a change with church postcards

Mailing church marketing postcards brings your church’s message to potential new parishioners precisely where they spend most of their time:

At home!

Here is a beautiful church invite postcard you can use:

Church invitation postcards

2. Mail church direct mail postcards to new movers 100% automatically

People who’ve recently moved need to know the best church to attend in their new area, right?

Why not make it YOURS?

With our New To Town program, you can mail church outreach postcards 100% automatically to all the new movers in your church’s area!


Our New To Town postcards automatically get printed with the first name of everyone on the mailing list…


Church postcard mailers

Where you see “John” in the above church postcard is where the first name of every individual would get printed automatically…

Personalizing your church’s powerful message even more!

You can see how our New To Town program works here.

3. Flip your church postcard vertically to grab prospects’ attention

Just by orienting your church invitation postcard vertically is enough to turn peoples’ heads, literally —

So they actually LOOK at and read your church’s message!

Here’s an example church postcard mailer you can use:

Church invitation postcards

4. Welcome people to your church for Christmas

Mail this church invite postcard to people and invite them for your Christmas services and festivities:

Church invite postcards

Need a mailing list of everyone in your area to mail church postcards to?

Get a FREE list count plus 1,000 FREE records here.


We receive preferred (lowest!) pricing on quality mailing lists due to our order volume!

Here’s #5:

5. Celebrate Christmas with LOTS of new happy parishioners

We can customize any of our church postcards to your church’s look and feel!

Or you can mail this holiday church invitation postcard:

Church direct mail postcards

Want a postcard design created from scratch? We do that too.

6. Show off your special services with this church postcard

Have fun church services you want to promote to parishioners and new folks alike?

Show off your services on your church outreach postcards like this:

Church postcard mailers

When someone receives your church postcard in the mail, they’ll see those 3 circle graphics promoting your services right away!

7. Put your pastor’s family photo on this church marketing postcard

People love to see the pastor, so customize this church postcard with your own pastor’s photo for Easter!

Church invitation postcards

You can customize any of our postcards for your church and special message as you please!

8. Promote a fun children’s event you’re hosting

If you’re hosting a fun community event, promote it with church direct mail postcards!

Here’s a bright colorful one perfect for Easter:

Church marketing postcards

9. Promote your church’s Easter festivities with this design

Send church invite postcards every time you have an event you want to invite parishioners and new people to!

Church invitation postcard

Important note:

To grow your church’s congregation, you need to market throughout the year —

Not only when you have a special event!

Plus, you receive better per-postcard pricing when you order larger amounts (that you send throughout the year on a marketing schedule).

You can view PostcardMania’s postcard printing services here.

10. Inspire your congregation with this gorgeous church invite postcard

Life can get busy, that’s why you need to remind people you’re there to inspire and help!

Send out this uplifting church invitation postcard to remind everyone of your services:

Church direct mail postcards

If you need any help finding a mailing list to send your church invitation postcards to, or if you have questions about promoting a certain event you have, contact one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804…

They’ll help you get the best postcard and postage pricing for your church, plus —

Their help is 100% FREE!



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  • I want to know if I can purchase a postcard design (pdf), so that I can print my own postcards. The church I represent is very small, and we only want to send out a small # at a time. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi Barbara, we’d love to help you! Give our marketing consultants a call for FREE at 1-800-628-1804 to go over options for your design!

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