Car Service Website Design Analysis — Mount Vernon, NY

As always, these small business website design analyses are here so you can see examples of website designs that incorporate all of the 5 essentials of business website design. I’m your host Shannon Johnson (PostcardMania’s Web Design Specialist), and my next analysis comes from the car service industry. The business, Home and Away Limo, is located in Mount Vernon, NY.

See the site in action:


I have one word for this site’s design: SLEEK. It uses a jet black and a deep glossy red to compliment each other and give the site a really sharp and classy look. It is a limo service, after all. Does it get classier than that? Prospective clients arrive on a car service website and want to see a design that is sleek, stylish, and professional. Home and Away Limo delivers in spades, which builds a lot of credibility in the minds of their prospects.

car service website design


1) Contact Info and Next-Step Opportunities: Your website is meant to generate leads for you. Your prospects are searching the internet for your services. Your site is meant to attract them, and then show them you are the best choice. Once they decide you are the best choice, there needs to be an easy way to make the next step. This site puts the company’s phone number and the opportunity to book a reservation right away at the top of every page. This is a great strategy to maximize their lead generation results.

2) Featuring Services with Images on Homepage: The services this company offers are featured right on the homepage in their banner image. That helps people find the information they want easily, which helps keep their attention long enough to impress them with the site’s design and marketing message.

3) Subscribe to Mailing List by Texting: This is a cool feature that makes it easy for visitors to subscribe to Home and Away’s mailing list or newsletter. Sometimes people hesitate to give their email address out to businesses, but it doesn’t seem as big of a deal to text a number. When the prospect is the one instigating the interaction, they will feel more comfortable with the process.

car service website design

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the practice of optimizing the copy on your website so that search engines can understand what your website is about and how they should rank it for particular keywords. This website is optimized for keywords like “car service” because that’s the keyword phrase Home and Away’s prospects use to describe what they offer. SEO isn’t a time for being artsy. You just need to find what terms quality prospects search for when they want what you offer. Then, use those phrases in your website’s copy.


The copy on this site is crisp, professional and flashy. They emphasize helping their clients “arrive in style” wherever they need to go, such as airports, corporate meetings, social events, etc. They don’t use a lot of copy, because it’s a pretty simple operation, really. They’re going to help you get from A to B, and their service is punctual, professional, and stylish. That’s all prospects need to know from them. They communicate that idea efficiently and effectively.


Your programming needs to be solid, because you don’t want glitches and errors distracting your visitors from your marketing message. When everything is working properly you won’t notice something like the programming of a site. Luckily for this company, everything works great. The site’s programming operates without a hitch.

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