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12 Proven Auto Repair Shop Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Campaigns

ATTN: Auto Repair Shop Owners and Mechanics!

Need auto repair advertising ideas proven to work?

Here are 12 auto service marketing case studies from real clients of ours!

1. Generate $24,296 in revenue from auto service postcards

That’s right —

Auto repair direct mail still works in our digital age.

Here’s a case study and the actual auto repair postcard used:

auto repair postcards

This client mails this auto service postcard to their entire customer database (6,000 in total), every 2-3 months, occasionally changing up their special offers to reflect seasonal maintenance.

2. Receive 40 responses from your auto service marketing

Forty responses that turn into paying customers can mean a LOT of return on investment for your auto repair marketing!


auto service postcards

From just ONE mailing of 3,500 auto repair postcards, this client received 40 responses by sending their cards to a mailing list with these demographics:

  • Audi and Volkswagen owners
  • Years 1998 – 2008
  • Targeting a 20-mile radius around their zip code.

Note: the quality of your mailing list is the #1 most important element of your automotive service direct mail campaign!

Get 1,000 FREE records for your mailing list.

3. Send “Happy Birthday” auto service postcards for $2,354

Remind your customers you’re available to help them by sending “Happy Birthday” auto repair postcards, like this one:

auto repair direct mail

Our client who mailed that postcard design above to July birthdays in 2 zip codes near their shop received:

  • 19 responses
  • 17 of which turned into new customers
  • Which brought in $2,354.47 in sales.

Those results are from ONE mailing, too!

4. Get $3,000 in sales from auto repair advertising ideas that WORK

Our client combined their own 6,000 customer contacts with a purchased mailing list of 5,915 of local homeowners (of 3 years or more) to make a huge mailing list of 11,915 potential responses for their postcard campaign.

Here was their auto repair postcard design:

auto service marketing

From just one mailing, this client generated $3,000 in sales.

5. Generate 121% return on investment with your marketing plan for auto repair shop

One of our clients 1,000 auto service postcards to car owners with a 1995-2017 Honda or Acura in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Here’s their auto repair direct mail design:

auto repair advertising ideas

They quickly received 4 responses to their postcards, which resulted in 4 new jobs that are expected to be repeat customers…

And experienced a 121% return on investment!

6. Reap $36,000 from your best auto repair promotion ideas

One of our clients purchased a mailing list of 5,845 prospective customers surrounding their shop.

They sent their auto repair postcards to these customers in addition to displaying matching online follow up ads on:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • And Instagram.

Here’s their postcard design:

auto repair postcards

Here is the match Google ad:

automotive direct mail companies

And here are the Facebook and Instagram ads:

auto repair marketingauto repair marketing

We call this coordinated offline/online marketing Everywhere Small Business, and here were their results:

  • Tracked Calls – 177
  • Number of Times Google Ad Displayed – 568,000
  • Google Ad Clicks – 1,411
  • Number of Times Facebook & Instagram Ad Displayed – 27,000
  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Clicks – 112
  • $36,000 in revenue.

Everywhere Small Business requires ZERO effort from you.

Watch the 1-minute video here.

7. Make $6,912.16 from this proven auto repair advertising idea

This client mailed 12,000 auto repair postcards to households within a 2-mile radius…

Here’s the auto service postcard design:

automotive service direct mail

From just one mailing, 57 prospects came into their shop holding coupons from their postcard, and 45 of them became brand-new customers —

Generating $6,912.16 in income!

8. See a return on investment of 392% from your auto service marketing

This client provided us with a mailing list of 6,000 contacts, which was composed of both prospects and current clients.

For the next 6 weeks, they had us mail out 1,000 cards at a time until all 6,000 had been mailed to.

Here was their can’t-miss-it design:

auto repair direct mail

From these 6 mailings, this shop generated 1,300 people who visited their website, and 48 phone calls…


Their sales compared to their marketing expenditure netted a return on investment of 392%!

9. Gain 7 new customers and $2,200 in revenue

Another auto client of ours purchased a mailing list of 5,000 households.

Everyone on the mailing list owned one or more of the following makes (any year):

  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Jaguar
  • Porsche
  • VW
  • Audi
  • Volvo
  • And Ranger Rover.

This specifically-targeted auto repair marketing list gave them exactly what they were looking for:

High-quality prospects that were already likely to need what they offer.

They mailed their postcards in 5 waves sending 1,000 cards at a time.

Here’s the design:

auto repair postcards

After mailing their 5,000 postcards, this auto shop generated 7 new clients and an immediate $2,200 in revenue.

10. Add 80 new customers and $28,000 in revenue to your business

This auto shop decided to give auto repair postcards a shot and purchased a mailing list of 9,000 local residents in their neighboring zip codes.

The auto service postcards were mailed 2,000-6,000 at a time until every recipient on the mailing list had received their auto repair direct mail more than one time.

Here’s their design:

auto repair advertising ideas

Due to their sending postcards multiple times to the same recipients, they generated 80 customers —

And $28,000 in revenue.


Making sure your prospects see your auto service marketing MULTIPLE times is key to getting response and revenue!

11. Generate $8,000 in sales and a 470% return on investment

For this campaign, our client mailed their auto repair postcards to a very specific list:

Audi and Volkswagen owners that have vehicles between years 1998-2008 in a 20-mile radius of their auto shop.

auto repair direct mail

After their first mailing of 3,500 cards, they added $8,000 to their bottom line —

A return on investment of 470%!

12. Remind customers you’re open and see 60 new customers

An auto care business in Las Vegas saw anywhere from 50-60 new customers a week after they started sending out 1,600-1,800 auto repair postcards each month to their customer base.

Here’s the fun design:

automotive direct mail companies

We recommend mailing consistently to generate the kind of results that grow your business all year long.


You can get 1,000 FREE records for your mailing list here.

If you have ANY questions about your marketing plan for your auto repair shop, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 877-437-9236 —

They will share other auto repair promotion ideas with you for FREE.



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