A Gift for You – Let’s Celebrate 100,000 Customers!

When I started PostcardMania in a tiny cottage in 1998, I was mainly focused on how I’d make payroll the following week. I don’t know that I even imagined that one day I’d be telling you that we just hit our 100,000th customer! 🙂

Beyond being immensely grateful for our highly competent team of over 300 staff, what makes this so special is that 100,000 clients for us are 100,000 small businesses from 350+ industries that we’re helping to generate leads, bring in new customers, and grow their businesses.

Our guiding light from the beginning has always been you, small business owners.

Because every time we help a small business grow enough to hire another employee, it contributes to lower unemployment and a country with a strong and diverse small business sector where we can all live the American dream.

So THANK YOU for being the backbone of our economy!

We want you to join in on our celebration — here’s our tribute to you!

postcardmania 1998

At the very beginning, it was just me, Melissa Bradshaw (who has stuck with me every day since then and is now PostcardMania’s president), and two other staff.

Here’s a candid photo of some big brainstorming that was definitely happening!

melissa and joy

All I knew was that postcards WORKED for generating leads and new customers. I knew that I could provide an excellent service to help small businesses who wanted to grow; all I had to do was introduce them to the idea of postcard marketing.

So I started mailing this postcard every single week to businesses nearby:

postcard marketing

(As you can see, our graphic design capabilities have come a long way since then! But believe me, that was cool in 1998!!)

Every time we earned a little extra revenue, I invested it back into the company — usually back into our marketing.

I knew one elementary business management principle to be true:

The more postcards I mailed and the more small businesses I reached, the more leads (and therefore new clients and increased revenue) I would create.

That’s why I wanted to mail as many postcards as I feasibly could. It was directly tied back to how quickly we would grow.

At one point I decided to double our postcard mailings, even though the cost was my entire weekly salary at that point. That’s when things really took off!

graph of postcardmania annual revenue

We doubled our revenue 6 weeks later! More clients meant that I would need to hire more staff and train them to do more things.

I won’t make this a complicated, drawn-out business management lesson, but I will say this:

Creating PostcardMania as more than just a business — but a place with fun energy and culture, where we all have a common purpose of helping small businesses — has been a labor of love.

I couldn’t have grown PostcardMania into what it is today without the help of my fantastic team, especially Melissa Bradshaw, our current company president.

Here’s a photo of us taken 22 years ago (on the left) and a few months ago (on the right), side by side:

joy and melissa throwback

Without a shadow of a doubt, I am surrounded by the best, most hard-working, small business-dedicated staff from top to bottom.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating them and how far we’ve come.

We put together this fun video looking back at PostcardMania through time. It features a ton of old-school photos!!

And I couldn’t let this huge moment go without giving something back to YOU, my small business owner family who have helped make this a reality.

Thank you for choosing PostcardMania!!

And if you haven’t yet, we look forward to working with you in the future J

To commemorate you and our 100,000 clients, we are giving away $100,000 in FREE marketing — THIS WEEK!

Get your FREE marketing by placing an order for any marketing service this week. For every $1,000 you spend, you will receive $100 towards free marketing of your choice!

If you aren’t ready to commit to a marketing campaign just yet, that’s okay! I always want my clients to be confident before entrusting us with their hard-earned dollars.

Give us a call at 1-800-628-1804 and we’ll give you a full and free consult – no obligation at all on your part — our marketing advice is free and always will be.




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