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23 Beautiful Postcard Design Layouts You Should Copy

If you need a postcard design that grabs your prospects’ attention and gets them calling your business —

We’ve got you covered!

Our graphic design services department put together 23 lead-generating postcard designs so you can see exactly what your professional postcard design pieces can — and should — look like.

Feel free to use ANY of these:

1. Mail “Happy Birthday” graphic design postcards

Help your prospects (and customers alike) celebrate their birthdays with YOUR business.

Feature your recipient’s name (see “Jennifer” below) on your postcard design using the magic of personalized postcards to individually call out to your prospects…

Which will make them really LOOK at your marketing!

chiropractor postcard design


2. Show off your business’s benefits by EXAMPLE

Make your graphic design postcard show off what your business can do!

See how the postcard design below shows prospects that their cleaning service can magically lift away dingy stains from carpets —

Who DOESN’T want that?!

carpet cleaner postcard design


Not a cleaning service? No problem.

Got a landscaping service?

Show a gorgeous green yard on your graphic postcards with chiseled trees and smooth, carpet-like lawn.

Own a dog-grooming business?

Show a happy pooch with a haircut fit for the Westminster Kennel Club, which all dog owners will swoon over!

You get the picture — get your postcard designer to communicate your business’s skill and results in one large, clear image they can’t ignore.


3. Use a postcard graphic that’ll make parents happy-cry

If your business has anything to do with teaching children or helping families, use a large image of the end result that your prospects WANT…

Such as this postcard design with ballerinas —

Cute, happy, and confident little dancers:

dance academy postcard design


No need for multiple small images of ballerinas when one BIG one does the trick.

Any parent who wants their little girl to learn dance + competency will see this postcard graphic and instantly think:

I want to see MY daughter in an adorable tutu, on stage, just like that!  

That’s what you want your postcard graphic design to do:

Communicate clearly and instantly to your prospects so they say:

“Yes! That’s what I want! How do I get that?!”

Got a tutoring business?

Show a picture of a child holding up a report card with a big “A” on it in Reading!

Own a gym?

Show pictures of fit models flexing their muscles on your postcard design.

You get the idea.


4. Say it all with a clean postcard layout

This postcard design has everything going on:

  • Description of what they do at the top
  • A headline “Life is better…”
  • Clean bright image of a happy, healthy family
  • Not 1 but 2 coupons (your special offers!)
  • Contact info at the bottom
  • An invitation to like them on Facebook
  • And the fact that they speak Spanish.

I love that this postcard designer included everything your prospects would need to see to be well-informed about what this dentist can provide for them.

dental postcard design


This is a postcard layout you can easily copy for your practice —

No need to waste time figuring out how to drive in more new patient prospects…

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5. A dental postcard layout ready-to-go!

If you’re a dentist, you can basically steal this postcard design for your practice!

It has everything you need to show your prospective patients who you are and what you do —

But what’s MOST important are the 3 special offers in bright colors on the right:

dental postcard design


Multiple special offers work great for dentists because when you buy a mailing list for your direct mail campaign, it’s sometimes hard (or impossible) to know exactly which dental issue your prospects may have.

By offering 3 coupons, with 3 different special offers, you’ll have something on your postcard design that anyone could use, like these:

  • $59 initial exam (including x-rays and cleaning)
  • FREE second opinion consultation
  • FREE in-office whitening

Not a dentist?

Try this next one:


6. Use this plug-and-play postcard for ANY industry

This postcard layout makes direct mail graphic design take less than 2 minutes to do.

Just plug in the following, and you’re done:

  • Your business’s postcard graphic
  • Special offer
  • Professional logo
  • And contact information.
example hearing postcard design


Your special offer in that big circle will be the reason your prospects call your phone number.

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7. Display a stark before-and-after transformation

Have before-and-after photos that’ll WOW your prospects?

Use them in this postcard layout below!

home remodeling postcard design


You can change the colors to match your business’s brand and input your own special offer (in the box on the left) that will entice your prospects to call in to get “after” photos as good as what you show!

Learn how this construction company grew from 1 truck + a couple guys into a MULTI-million construction company using postcards!


8. Before-and-after graphic design for landscapers

Are you a landscaper or lawn service maintenance professional?

Here’s a gorgeous graphic design postcard just for you:

landscaper postcard design


Notice “MIKE” on the top!

Here’s how to get your prospects’ names printed on YOUR postcards too for just pennies extra per piece.


9. Done-for-you postcard graphic design for insurance pros

Hey insurance brokers and salesmen!

Just take this postcard design below — complete with a high-resolution image of your own — to show prospects how they can (and should) insure their beloved assets with YOU.

car insurance postcard design



A bright red special offer (or other bright, contrasting color) will definitely draw your prospects to LOOK at your special deal.

Want to see even more insurance-specific direct mail postcard designs? There’s an entire gallery just for you.


10. Personalize your insurance graphic design postcard

Put a picture of your team — or just you — on the front of your postcard to show prospects you’re a friendly, helpful insurance broker who’s a real person.

home insurance postcard design


When prospects see a picture of who they’ll be speaking with, they instantly feel more comfortable — and willing to call you — because they can SEE who you are.

This direct mail design strategy works for ANY business, especially ones where customers’ private details are the subject of the business, such as:

  • Medical (dentists, for example)
  • Chiropractors
  • Attorneys
  • Tax accountants
  • Insurance
  • Med spas
  • Realtors
  • Senior care
  • Even fitness professionals!

So don’t be shy to place a picture of you and your team right on your postcard graphic design!


11. Get a graphic postcard that’s 110% different

Like this one below…

martial arts postcard design


Any parent who wants their child to learn martial arts will see this and say:

YES. Why?

Because this design makes the child look like a bona fide NINJA.

Own a mixed-martial arts gym? You can use this postcard to drive in new sign-ups and fill your classes full.


12. Use a bold pink with a killer special offer

This postcard design uses an electric pink to snag your attention and call out the obvious:

Got a jam-packed garage full of stuff? You need more space.

Here’s a FREE month of storage to help! (That’s your special offer at work.)

storage company postcard design


Mailing postcards WORKS —

But don’t take our word for it:

Check out these successful campaigns from other movers and storage businesses.


13. Get more patients who need help with these postcard graphics

Are you a doctor, chiropractor, or pharmacist?

Use this postcard layout with 2 graphics that immediately show prospects there’s a good deal to be had:

pharmacist postcard design


Coupled with the image of the professional doctor, your postcard design will build confidence in your care and leads for your facility.

Here’s proof:

This San Antonio doctor generated $40,000 in revenue from ONE postcard campaign.


14. Show them the MONEY

Nothing will stop your prospects in their tracks faster than the picture of cash money!

This postcard design can be used for any industry that promises to save customers money:

real estate investor postcard design


15. Postcards that make your house make you $$$

ATTN: realtors and real estate investors!

This graphic design postcard is ready for you to use with your brand’s colors and contact info:

real estate investor postcard design


Like results?

Watch this video of a real estate investor client who made a 3,421% return on investment (ROI) from his postcard marketing campaign.


16. Spice up your direct mail graphic design

Postcard designers trained in how to create a postcard that makes your prospects salivate at the chops will make you a piece like this:

restaurant postcard design



Notice the 4 special offers designed as cut-out coupons at the bottom?

With 4 money-saving options to choose from, prospects would have to get seriously creative to find an excuse NOT to dine in at this eatery!


17. School and academy direct mail designs

Do you own a school or academy for youngsters?

Take a look at this postcard, and use it yourself to increase your new student registrations!

school postcard design


Want to see how other schools have grown using postcards —

Like DOUBLING enrollments, and $15,000 in additional revenue?

See our education case studies here.


18. Tutoring postcard services and design inspiration

Do you help children learn better for school and future career?

Look at this graphic design piece that any parent would adore!

school tutoring postcard design


Notice the special offer in bright red again!

Want even MORE marketing inspiration for your school or tutoring business?

FREE report: Real educational services marketing campaigns PLUS results


19. Postcard graphic design for security businesses

Does your business sell security systems or services?

Check out this graphic postcard:

security postcard design


Love that use of bright yellow!

Yellow really POPS out which attracts eyes to your postcard marketing and makes prospects more likely to contact your business for help.

Plus —

That image of the burglar communicates what prospects DON’T want (and what they’ll pay to avoid) — a masked thief entering your home in the night!


20. Direct mail graphic design for tax season

Tax businesses that mail graphic postcards showing the possibility (or promise) of a hefty return from the IRS can use this one:

tax refund postcard design


One CPA client of ours mailed postcards and received 22 prospective calls, in fact!

Learn 7 easy steps to get NEW tax prep clients for your practice here.


21. Design a postcard your prospects can’t ignore

I’ll bet you can’t name ONE person who doesn’t want to keep more of their own money, which is why this postcard graphic works:

tax accountant postcard design


All you need with this direct mail graphic design piece is to plug in your own practice’s information.

Want to see other tax business’s marketing campaigns that have produced results?

FREE report: REAL tax prep marketing campaigns + their results


22. Offer a FREE exam for prospects’ pet friends

The postcard designers behind this work of genius knew that ANY animal lover will STOP and look at this animal-friendly postcard, and —

That a FREE vet exam for a pet is a money-saving STEAL worth calling on.

vet postcard design


Need inspiration for your animal clinic or veterinary practice’s marketing?

This Illinois animal clinic gets 30-40 NEW clients every time they mail graphic design postcards.


23. Create an attractive postcard design masterpiece

Does your business offer something truly unique?

Then you want to hire postcard designers who can whip up a show-stopping, aesthetic postcard design like this one:

landscaper postcard design


This isn’t just a lawn marketing postcard…

It’s a lawn design postcard!

From the graphic design on the left hand side to the blue-green color coordination, prospects looking to construct an elegantly designed backyard will stop and LOOK at this graphic postcard…

Especially when they notice that hot pink special offer that strategically pops out from the center!

See how this landscaping company generated $108,000 in revenue from their direct mail marketing campaign!

So there you have it!

23 beautiful postcard design layouts and unique ideas you can 100% use for your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Want to see our MASTER gallery of postcard designs — organized by industry?

Find your industry here to see ready-made postcard designs you can click on and even request FREE samples mailed directly to you.

If you want to speak to someone about our custom postcard design services, call <phone number> and one of our marketing experts will answer any questions you have. Their advice is always FREE.



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