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  • I want to THANK YOU and Susan for taking the time with me earlier today! You both seem like "first-class" people working for a fine company. I think that you know what we are trying to accomplish and you understand --- what PostcardMania can do to help us reach those goals. Both Eddie and I appreciate your help and assistance and look forward to working together.PLEASE let us know if there is anything that we should (or could) do to help you --- help us.
  • Hi Maggie Thank you so much I received cards. I appreciate everything you did for my company. By the way postcards are beautiful and yesterday's event was success but u were huge part of success. I am so grateful to you!
  • I was "blown away" by the quality of the employees at PostcardMania. Everyone was so helpful and pleasant to work with. Susan Tibbs did a wonderful job of helping me set up my program. I have referred her out to other agents. The response absolutely shocked us. We wrote so much high quality business. It allowed us to exceed our year end numbers! I will be spending another $10,000 in September. Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you Michele! I appreciate you and the team's willingness to help us get our mailer out! Its truly been a great process. I definitely will use you for future projects. I will refer business to you as well. You take care of that new addition and again..Congrats
  • Lexi, Our Direct Mail Campaign has had tremendous results! Thank you for the good work all of you did. Now that we are coming to our last mailing of this 3 month campaign I want to strategize for the next campaign. Thank you
  • I just want to say that you and Postcard Mania are The BEST! Thanks again and may you have a great weekend as well
  • Thanks to my website visibility, I landed a nice mineral deal. The lady sent in a request from the website. We ended up negotiating and after examining her mineral title and examining the income and gas production we closed the deal on Saturday for $35,000.00. We bought her 13 mineral acres and both sides are happy !! Thank you !!!
  • Jackrabbit has a "Source Report" for us and I just searched it by month. We have the usual categories: yelp, referral, drive by, magazine, etc. The web "Google web search" was floating around 4th on our reports from Jan-March. March it was 4th. April it took the lead from referrals by 1 enrollment. May it is completely separating itself from even referrals as the leader by a significant amount of enrolls!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Meredith, We are so happy we chose PCM for our website design! I simply must tell you about a phone call Dee Dee got last week. The Allergan sales representative called her to say the site was awesome! He thinks her business will grow huge in the next six months! He ought to know, since he sees ALL the websites used by medispa businesses that buy his Botox and Juvederm and Latisse. He said ours is very well made and attractive. You should get some sort of award!
  • I have dealt with other companies in setting up websites in the past, spent a lot more money and have been very disappointed. You guys did a great job!  Although there was a small hiccup early on, Jenny was able to take over and really wow'd me with just some of the best service and producing a great site. My postcards are generating leads and I feel the new and improved website will be a great compliment to promoting my services and bringing in more business.   Thank you for following up!
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