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  • We initially chose PostcardMania because my general manager had heard really good things about the company.
  • Great customer service from Erica Switzer and Josh Gould. They always make sure that the customers' needs are met above and beyond all expectations.
  • I initially chose PostcardMania because of the quality of your product and the cost is amazing. Thank you.
  • I would order from PostcardMania again because I think your service is great and affordable.
  • The customer service was excellent.
  • Alex Panko did a phenomenal job by keeping up the communication for my mailing status.
  • PostcardMania's service is great.I like the use of technology for communications.
  • Holly Larossa was great in building our relationship by talking on the phone. We really hit it off.
  • PostcardMania is very efficient.
  • I initially chose PostcardMania because they didn't appear to be a "big-and-bad intimidating company", more like a personal and family-like atmosphere.
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