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How Soon Can I Print An Order?

First, we need to reserve your spot on the run. You do this by faxing in your order form with payment. Next, if necessary, provide your artwork in digital format per our specifications. Once you receive a proof and sign off on it, we'll have your cards printed and ready to mail or ship to you in as little as seven business days, and brochures in as soon as eleven business days. Special rush pricing is available for emergencies!

I’m Not Sure If I Need That Many Cards!

It takes several mailings to the same people to get their attention. We want our customers to get the best possible results with their cards, and if we sold you 1,000 or 2,000, we know this small amount would NOT change your bottom line. You only have about a half a second to capture someone's attention, and a glossy, colorful and aesthetic postcard will do it. But repetition is still the key to success, and we want you to succeed!

I’ve Tried Them And They Don’t Work For Me!

Who did you mail to? How many times did you mail? Postcards work on a repetitive process, just like any form of marketing. You see the same commercials on T.V. multiple times in the same day, right? This is no different. You also must get your postcard to the right audience. If you're selling women's shoes and only men see your ad, it's not going to work.

What’s The Turn Around Time To Get Cards?

Your order will be printed in as soon as seven business days (eleven for brochures) from the time you approve your proof. You will receive an email proof to sign off before going to print. When is the date you actually need the cards by? You should leave about six weeks of time between first ordering your cards and the date you need them. We will always try to meet your deadline without charging you a rush fee.

Why Do You Require Payment In Advance?

This is one of the ways we keep our price so competitive – we have no back-end accounting. This is standard in the postcard industry. If we gave terms there would be a percentage of folks that just don't pay their bill. Everyone pays in advance – even companies that print 100,000 or more at a time.

Do You Give Discounts To Dealers or Printers?

We do have a reseller program that offers discounted pricing. Contact Rebecca Schwab at for more details.

How do I confirm that the colors will print exactly as I need them to?

The color of the pdf proof that you view on your computer monitor is only an approximation as colors vary slightly from monitor to monitor and from the color printing process that we use. If you are concerned about color, we can provide a hard-copy, high quality proof for an additional fee that will closely resemble the finished product. Any images or artwork provided in RGB will appear differently when printed. If you are concerned about color, we recommend converting your colors to CMYK before printing. 

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