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The Situation

Zach Upton is a city councilman in Beavercreek, OH. His campaign called PostcardMania for help when he was up for re-election.

The Solution

Direct mail postcards are powerful tools for political candidates 73% of consumers say they PREFER direct mail over other forms of communication because they can read it at their convenience (Epsilon).

Postcards are especially cost-effective for local candidates because of the targeting capabilities. You can saturate entire neighborhoods at a discounted postage rate using every door direct mail (EDDM), or target homes just in your district!

The marketing experts at PostcardMania created a results-driven postcard for Upton. Heres why it was so potent:

  • The red, white and blue color scheme presents a strong, patriotic image for the candidate
  • The copy (thats the writing) is big, bold and easy to read
  • Uptons campaign logo is repeated on the front and back, which increases his name recognition

Councilman Uptons campaign sent the postcards out to 8,000 voters in the area. We recommend multiple mailings for maximum return on investment, but the Upton campaign opted to send it out just once.

The Results

He was re-elected!

Name recognition is hugely important in elections: In fact, a 2011 study by Vanderbilt University showed that name recognition increases voter support by 13% if voters know nothing else about the candidates. Just one mailing was enough to help Upton win the election! Hes now serving his second term on the Beavercreek City Council!