The Situation

Summit Mechanical of Duluth, MN has been providing heating, cooling and plumbing services to the Twin Ports area for 15 years. They called PostcardMania for help growing their client base.

The Solution

To create a steady flow of new HVAC customers, our marketing experts set up Summit Mechanical with an affordable, automated new mover campaign.

With the New to Town program, we send new movers in your area a personalized postcard from your business every month, welcoming them to the neighborhood. Not only do personalized postcards include the recipients name in the text of the card, but the design can be tailored to suit their gender or even mention their street name or neighborhood!

New mover programs are perfect for HVAC businesses since so many new movers address their heating and ventilation when they first move in as a natural upgrade cost. At the very least, theyll want their central heating and A/C unit inspected and tuned up.

Plus: according to, 50% of sales from new movers go to the first company to contact a prospect that has recently relocated.

And that is exactly what Summit Mechanical hoped to capitalize on with their new mover postcard campaign.

Heres what makes Summits postcard effective:

  • Including the recipients name gets their attention, and the personalized message helps create affinity for the business
  • The winning offer highlighted in red really stands out
  • The sub headline, text and bullet points on the back are easy for prospects to follow –
  • Including the Better Business Bureau logo builds trust and tells the recipient theyre a reputable company

Summit Mechanicals mailing list included new movers exclusively, and they only needed to mail for ONE MONTH to just 205 movers to get these red-hot results

The Results

Return on investment of 2,081%!

In one month, Summit Mechanical mailed to 205 recipients and got 5 jobs from the postcards a response rate of 2.4%! One of those customers needed a furnace and air conditioner installed, which brought in $8,241 in revenue. The other four callers took advantage of Summits free tune-up offer and will most likely call again when they need further service. Since the cost of that months mailings was less than $400, Summit Mechanical got an immediate return of 2,081% on their investment!

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