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The Situation

Saul Greenberger started using PostcardMania for email marketing about 5 years ago, while working at a nurse staffing company. His company wanted to use regular email presence to recruit new nurses for their staffing programs. After they were impressed by one of our own emails, they called our marketing consultants to learn how to implement their own email campaigns.

The Solution

After consulting with our marketing experts, and learning we could take care of all his email marketing for him, Saul decided to give it a shot. Every month he sends the content he wants to get to his prospects. Our email marketing pros take the content and put it into an effective email design format. Then, we go ahead and send it out to his email database, so he doesn’t even have to worry about it. These emails are sent as a means of following up with leads he had already generated elsewhere and added to his email database. Email marketing really thrives as a follow-up tool. It shouldn’t be considered a source of lead generation itself.

The Results

Saul’s favorite part of his email marketing is the thorough communication system, which eliminates errors when our staff is taking his content and transferring it into our designs. All his requests are documented, as are our finalized plans. So nothing is left to chance and no one is unsure of what is being sent out. As a very busy guy, he also loves the attentive follow-up he receives. If he forgets to submit his content, his email-marketing partner at PostcardMania calls him to remind him, so he never misses his scheduled delivery time. It’s a hassle-free way to get the benefits of email marketing without any of the work that goes into putting an effective marketing email together.

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