The Situation

Green Medal Energy provides home improvements like duct sealing, weatherproofing and insulation that help homeowners save on their energy costs. Utility companies will often pay for these services, so Green Medal Energy called PostcardMania to get the word out to homeowners that they could have these improvements done at no cost to them.

The Solution

The energy-efficiency experts mailed out a simple, official-looking postcard that would get homeowners attention:

  • The bold NOTICE at the top of the card makes recipients want to read it
  • Sub headlines and bullet points make it easy to for prospects to read quickly
  • Benefits tell homeowners what they will get out of taking advantage of their services
  • Trust seals, including the Better Business Bureau logo, tell recipients that the postcard is coming from a reputable company

Green Medal Energy sent their postcards out via Every Door Direct Mail, which allows them to blanket an entire area at a discounted postage rate. With EDDM, every single mailbox along a postal route gets your postcard, which means less sorting for the postal service so they pass the savings on to you!

The Results

327 leads and $125,000 in revenue so far!

So far, 327 homeowners have contacted Green Medal Energy about their services and the company has generated $125,000 in revenue! Remember, the utility companies pay for these improvements, so the homeowners who got their postcards pay nothing. The company has spent $14,591.31 on their campaign so far, which means theyve generated an 859% return on their investment and theyre still going!

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