The Situation

The owner of Dance Expressions has always known that marketing is vital for attracting new students. For the first few years, she marketed by delivering fliers to homes in the area surrounding her studio. After a while, she realized that all the time, energy and money it took for her to deliver those fliers was not worth the response she was getting, so she called PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

Our marketing experts, who have overseen hundreds of dance studio marketing campaigns, knew just what to do: Send postcards to families in the area!

Heres why the design was an effective one:

  • The bright colors make the postcard stand out in the days mail
  • Using the studios name (Dance Expressions) as the headline, paired with the image of two little girls in tutus, lets recipients know immediately what is being offered
  • The studios contact information is easily visible on the front and back, which makes it simple for prospects to get more information

Dance Expressions did something a little different on their postcard instead of the traditional text on the back, they included a class schedule. This saved interested parents the step of having to go to their website or call to find out when specific classes were being offered!

PostcardMania mailed nearly 3,000 postcards to families with children ages 3-17 living within a 10-mile radius of the studio. The owner took another 6,000 cards and handed them out to day-care facilities and other businesses in the neighborhood.

The Results

100 new students!

After the postcards went out, Dance Expressions registered 100 new students for the season, which generated an incredible return on investment (ROI)! Lets look at the numbers:

Campaign cost: $2,050

New students: 10

Tuition: $50/month minimum, 10-month season

1-month campaign revenue: $5,000

1-year campaign revenue: $50,000

1-year ROI: 4,779%

Many of those students will keep taking classes at Dance Expressions for years to come, so that ROI will continue to grow along with them!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other dance studios!

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