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Jamba Juice Case Study

“325 new customers! ”


Jamba Juice




Charlotte, NC

Cards Mailed


The Situation

Jamba Juice is a well-known smoothie franchise restaurant with hundreds of locations across the United States. When they opened a new restaurant in Charlotte, NC, they called PostcardMania for help getting the word out.

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The Solution

Our marketing experts recommended a cost-effective postcard mailing that would inform nearby residents that there was a new Jamba Juice open in their neighborhood!

Here’s what made the postcard successful:

  • The clean, bright design capitalizes on Jamba Juice’s colorful, recognizable logo to grab the recipient’s attention
  •  A big, bold headline gets their message across IMMEDIATELY
  •  An irresistible, limited-time offer — buy one, get one FREE! — entices recipients to come in soon

Jamba Juice sent out 10,000 postcards to residents surrounding the new location via Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). With EDDM, the postcards go to every single mailbox on a carrier’s route, so it’s a great way to saturate an entire area. And since there’s less sorting (less work!) for the post office, they discount the postage! This is a great mailing list for businesses with a product/service needed by everyone — and who doesn’t love a refreshing Jamba Juice smoothie?!

We recommend sending out multiple mailings, but Jamba Juice decided to send theirs out just once — and their results were still quite fruitful!

The Results

“325 new customers!”

By its expiration date, Jamba Juice had 325 buy-one-get-one offers redeemed. That’s 325 new customers — and those were just the people remembered to bring the postcard in with them! Since the average Jamba Juice smoothie is over $5, the postcard brought in an immediate revenue of more than $1,600! If those customers come back for just ONE smoothie a month for the next year, they’ll generate about $20,000 in revenue!

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