Monthly Service Reminder Postcard Program

Get More Jobs without Lifting a Finger

Automatic Mailers - Service Reminder PostcardsAre you in the market for a set-it-and-forget-it, maintenance-free marketing system that generates more revenue for your business month after month? Well, you totally should be, because we have one and how awesome does that sound? Am I right? So, here’s the dealio…

  • You provide us with your customer list, and tell us how often your customers should use your service (i.e. every 3 months, every spring, etc.)
  • We design an eye-catching reminder postcard for you, complete with the customer’s name and type of service they’re due for
  • We automatically mail out a reminder card to any customer that is overdue for service – every month (or at whatever intervals you would like)

Once it’s rolling, you don’t have to do anything… Not a phone call. Not a rain dance. Not a lifted finger. Nothing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know when a customer is overdue for service?

When we set up your campaign with you we determine the criteria for when a client is overdue for service. Then, you just send us your customer list each month and we automatically pull those customers due for service and send cards to them!

How often will my customer receive a reminder postcard?

That’s up to you! When we set up the campaign, you will tell us how often to mail to overdue customers. It can be weekly, monthly, bimonthly, whatever floats your boat! Once they come in for service, the postcards will stop until it is time to remind them again!

How fast can you get this set up?

Right away! Call 1-800-628-1804 to start your campaign today!

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