Probate Mailing Lists

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What Does Probate Mean?

Probate is a legal term that covers the distribution of a deceased person’s assets, usually when a last will and testament is not available. The distribution of the deceased individual’s assets is handled by a designated, and often professional individual, such as an estate attorney — called an “executor.” For example, if a deceased individual did not leave a will and they had a house in their name, the house (and other assets) go into probate. Thus, probate mailing list data provides the contact information for the individual (the executor, usually a lawyer) assigned to handle — aka, sell — that house as well as the other assets of the deceased.

What Are Probate Mailing Lists?

Probate mailing lists are comprised of executors for a designated geographical area who often have the task of getting the real estate of deceased individuals sold or handled in some way. Even though executors often will, for example, have to handle other assets of a deceased individual (car, furniture, business assets), real estate is almost always a common denominator of probate attorney mailing lists.

Who Should Buy Probate Mailing Lists?

Real estate investors and real estate agents should consider buying and marketing to probate mailing lists because these hard-to-get mailing lists contain individuals who are motivated to get rid of real estate of deceased persons.


It’s the executor’s job to handle the assets (often, real estate!) of the deceased, so marketing to these lists means you are giving the executors the exact help they are seeking.

Where Should I Get Probate Mailing List Data?

Often, probate attorney mailing list data is only available by calling or visiting a local courthouse, which can be very time-consuming. We offer probate mailing list data at competitive pricing, and we can get you the geographic area you need to target with your marketing so you can generate leads of people who need your services.

How Does Probate Mailing List Data Come?

We target your probate mailing list geographically by MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area), and then by county. We further target based on the current month, the last 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and even 24 months. Your probate mailing list will come with the executor’s name, address, and even phone number.

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Buying a probate mailing list from an unscrupulous vendor can mean getting tons of your mail returned back to you as undeliverable. PostcardMania guarantees deliverability on our probate mailing lists. Plus, we run all of our mailing lists through the National Change of Address database to make sure you don’t miss any prospects.

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