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The PostcardMania Story

PostcardMania® was founded in 1998 by Joy Gendusa—her only assets a computer and a phone. After being sorely disappointed by a printing company when using them to promote her business, Joy Rockwell Enterprises, she had the bright idea to specialize in postcards and give all her marketing experience away for free. With no start-up money or capital injections of any kind, Joy started PostcardMania as a pilot project.
Joy Rockwell Enterprises was a graphic design and marketing firm which dealt in various marketing collateral and developed direct mail marketing campaigns for clients. Knowing that postcards were one direct mail medium that was effective yet comparatively inexpensive next to other forms of advertising, Joy set out to start her own postcard company in response to that initial disappointment.

“They gave me a cheap product and terrible customer service which gave me the idea, ‘Hey, I could do this better'” said Joy, “‘and love my customers so they’d never want to go anywhere else'”. So, she set out to create a postcard marketing company that created direct mail postcard campaigns.

Through her market research in the beginning phases, Joy discovered that there was not one postcard company extant that was marketing to general businesses. The only two other postcard companies in the nation at the time were solely marketing to the print industry or a niche industry of art galleries. Gendusa also ascertained in her investigation that business owners had to 1) either pay dearly for marketing advice to ad agencies in order to gain the knowledge they needed in order to succeed in that arena or 2) went to commercial printers to have their direct mail campaigns printed, but were missing the valuable marketing lore that the ad agencies heavily guarded.

Joy innovated the industry by providing her prospects and clients with FREE valuable marketing advice that ad agencies charged dearly for and also gave them the benefits of commercial printing with an added advantage—she could lower the price by “gang-running” their orders along with other orders to increase the efficiency and lower the cost per direct mail piece—thereby giving business owners and entrepreneurs a decisive resource by placing them in the driver’s seat to their direct mail marketing campaigns.

The innovation did not stop there. Gendusa continued to listen to the pulse of her customers and as PostcardMania grew, she found that business owners wanted a turn-key operation in all aspects of their direct mail marketing. Following suit, Joy brought the mailing services aspect of the business in-house thereby making PostcardMania the first postcard marketing company to do all of the direct-mail processes under one roof.

Today, Gendusa has expanded PostcardMania into a multi-million dollar operation which not only includes design, mailing-list acquisition, mailing services, email marketing and Web site design in-house, but also the manufacturing of the product itself—in other words, the printing of the postcards is also done at PostcardMania’s manufacturing facility thereby allowing total control of the process from beginning to end, ensuring the best in quality for businesses expanding their enterprises through direct mail techniques.

You may think that ‘where can they possibly go from here?’ as far as innovation goes, but true to the PostcardMania spirit, Joy continues to innovate her industry. 2005 marked another first when she established an entire quality-control division within her postcard marketing company strictly for the purpose of ensuring the quality of the service, the product, the staff and even the response rate of the customers’ campaigns so that they were at peak performance at all times. The QC Division, which also includes PostcardMania’s very own in-house training academy for all employees, puts PostcardMania head and shoulders above the rest.

PostcardMania’s purpose is to help people—business owners, company and corporate executives and entrepreneurs—succeed in business by providing them the ultimate in aesthetic postcards that achieve for them their desired result and put them in the driver’s seat to their own expansion through direct mail marketing. The higher goal of PostcardMania is to foster the economy of this great nation by helping businesses all over the USA becoming burgeoning successes.

“I never have been into hoarding data or keeping secrets about how marketing works,” Gendusa stated, “I want people to succeed and always have been willing to give that data away to see that they not only understand marketing, but can use it to make their direct mail campaigns work. PostcardMania has been imitated, but never duplicated—and the funny part of it is, we’ve been so open that we’ve actually created our competition—by giving away all our ‘secrets’ for free!”

PostcardMania’s corporate headquarters is situated in Clearwater, Florida with over 192 employees and revenues of nearly $20 million dollars. Nationally recognized by prestigious organizations and publications for expansive growth, an award-winning Web site and champion direct-mail campaigns, PostcardMania is recognized as the lead expert in the direct mail postcard industry. Joy Gendusa remains at the helm of PostcardMania’s empire and continues to seek out and cultivate innovating products and services to simplify and potentiate the industry.

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