Billing Company Postcard Examples

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Proven Payroll Prep Company Postcards

Direct mail postcards are a cost-effective marketing tool for billing service companies because you can reach your ideal prospects with a highly targeted mailing list.

At PostcardMania, we have helped more than 118,342 companies with their marketing and we track their results, so we know what goes into a results-generating direct mail postcard.

On this page, you’ll find payroll and billing service postcard examples that have already worked for our billing company and payroll prep clients. You can choose any of these designs and customize it with your business logo, or we can create a new design for you!

Whether you’re using postcards, flyers, pay per click ads, email or all of the above for your payroll prep company, call our experts at 1-800-628-1804 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. They can help you create a results-generating billing service marketing plan for your business!

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