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Proven Marketing for Mechanics and Automotive Repair Specialists

There’s no need for hit-or-miss auto repair advertising. We’ve worked with hundreds of mechanics, automotive repair professionals and autobody shops, and we’ve tracked the data from all the best auto service marketing campaigns. Check out our automotive direct mail designs that we’ve mailed for our clients, generating spectacular results. You can use any automotive postcard design and customize it with your own shop’s logo. Or, we can design a brand new automotive postcard from scratch for you. Enter your email below to get even more auto repair promotion ideas AND automotive direct mail samples!

Customer Reviews

Professional Auto Technicians, Midge Wakefield

Our response is always a good one when we send out "your" cards. That's why we continue to come back for more.

Dentmasters Inc., Brad Hodgson

PostcardMedia is great! Not just for design and delivery, but I have LEARNED SO MUCH from all the FREE advice Joy and her staff have provided. If postcards are the right market medium, then PostcardMania is the right company. Thanks Joy!

Glenway Auto Center

57 coupons redeemed — 45 of them brand-new customers!

Chico Car Care, Daniel Hiestand

Overall the service and experience was fantastic. One minor glitch was that we had verbally discussed using a larger card than was originally designed. This wasn't changed and I did not catch it on the proof. Still, the cards were a great success and considering the super rush to push this project through I am very pleased and have benefitted geatly. Super Rush project that landed in my customers mailboxes the day before and after Thanksgiving was just what I needed. One other thought, an email that explains the process and the individuals involved from start to finish would have helped. Perhaps I did receive this but missed it. Again, quickly done last minute project done on time and with great results. Thank you!

Myers For Tires, Judy Proffitt

Very pleased with finished product. Very nice. Thank You

LeeAnne Leavitt, Leavitt’s Auto Care

I like working with Alexis … she knows what kind of pictures I like, what kind of information I like on the postcard. So I phone her and I say, ‘Hey Alexis, I found this picture on the web.’ It’s quick — usually done within a few days, and I get exactly what I want on the postcard. There would probably be 50-60 customers a week that would use that postcard. I just noticed that customers that hadn’t been to us for a while … started coming back. So I think the postcard reminded them that we were here

Chad Baynes, Rivercity Autowerks

We mailed 3500 postcards and received over 40 responses and all of them matched the car stated on the list we got from PostcardMania. This was the most effective marketing dollar for dollar we’ve done.

Dan R’s Automotive, D. R.

We had a little issue with graphics, communication on a design change.

Kings Collision Center, Jessica Burns

My name is Jess, I spoke with Theo today from postcard mania and I have to say I was very impressed by his eagerness and willingness to help!

Killian Service Center, Tim Lanier

Hi Brigitte, I'm close to being ready. Our first few mailers have been so successful we've had to hire and train more staff! I haven't done much advertising this year because I've been focused on handling the increase in business.

Dan Relchow

The response has been good and we still have clients bringing them in! So far we've generated about $14,400

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