The Situation

Advantage Insurance LLC, an insurance company based in Spring Hill, FL, was looking to attract new clients and increase their revenue. To achieve this, they collaborated with PostcardMania to create an effective direct mail marketing campaign targeting potential clients in their local area!

The Solution

PostcardMania designed an attention grabbing 8.5 x 11 postcard featuring:

  • A compelling offer to attract potential clients.
  • Clear information about the insurance services provided.
  • A strong call to action encouraging recipients to contact Advantage Insurance LLC for more information.

The company mailed 750 postcards to potential clients in Spring Hill and surrounding areas.

The Results

They generated $4,500 in revenue (914% ROI) and were able to hire new employees!

The campaign delivered significant results:

  • They received 20 responses.
  • Out of these, 5 responses were converted into paying customers.
  • This resulted in $4,500 in revenue.
  • With an investment of $444, their ROI was an impressive 914%.

The successful campaign not only generated revenue but also allowed Advantage Insurance LLC to hire new employees, further expanding their business operations.

CSID: 55655