The Situation

LogicPrep is a tutoring company located in Armonk, NY. They needed a way to let prospective college students know about their tutoring services, so they reached out to PostcardMania for marketing help.

The Solution

LogicPrep’s postcard included the following features:

  • An eye-grabbing headline on the front of the card in bright colors that stand out against a professional photo of a student
  • A short list of services letting the prospect know exactly what they offer
  • A description on the back including the benefits of their tutoring and their qualifications

LogicPrep mailed out 8,668 of these postcards to a provided list of families with high school students living at the residence between March and April of 2022. The mailings were sent out in batches of about 2,800 pieces.

Since they signed up for an Everywhere Small Business Campaign, they also ran Google ads that looked similar to the postcard design. These ads totaled 16,672 impressions.

The Results

They generated 5 responses and $41,000 in revenue!

A total of 422 people clicked on the Google ads (but it may be more now since the campaign is ongoing), and 5 people responded. Out of those 5 people, LogicPrep converted 2 of them and generated $41,000 in revenue from them.

LogicPrep was so happy with the results, they ordered more postcards — about 10,000 — and continued their Everywhere Small Business digital ads. They are excited to attain even more students in the future.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other tutoring companies.

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