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Mailing List: Provided their own list of consignors.

The Situation

Wee-Exchange was planning to host their big annual sale/call for consignment and wanted to mail postcards to get the word out. Since their annual sale applies to both consignment shoppers and people who want to sell their kids’ clothes, their postcard design needed to simultaneously appeal to both groups of people — but with one design.

The Solution

Our marketing team created a design that would capture the attention of their consignors. The design invited consignors to both bring in their gently-used kids’ items (to consign) and also shop the massive deals at the annual sale. This strategy worked because kids grow out of clothes fast, so parents could consign their clothes — and get money back on them — while also shopping for future clothes at a great price.

Here’s why their design worked:

  • The bright pink color immediately grabs attention from the mail stack.
  • Recipients instantly see that a HUGE sale is happening and
  • The schedule informs consignors how (and when) they can participate.

Wee-Exchange mailed their postcards to their own list of consignors right before the sale, and here’s what happened:

The Results

100 consignors — estimated 420% return on investment!

From mailing 6,000 postcards just ONE time, they signed up 100 consignors with an average revenue of $100 each — that’s $10,000 in potential revenue.  The 100 sign-ups came from the 300-600 people who flooded their store during the sale, thanks to their postcard mailing. Since Wee-Exchange spent less than $2k on their campaign, their estimated return on investment (ROI) is a whopping 420%! Not bad for a one-time postcard blast.

Wee-Exchange has been mailing every year since 2009 — sometimes mailing multiple times per year — making postcard marketing the driving force behind growing their revenue and supplying their inventory.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other retailers and consignment shops!