This postcard was sent at Christmas-time so the colors (red, green and white) were chosen to match the season. Beneath their company logo their slogan read, “Uncommon Gifts and Home Accents.” The main section of the card promoted their Holiday Open House. They featured the dates of the open house prominently and placed an offer for the chance to win a custom centerpiece valued at $200 for those who bring the card in.

The Situation

The Scarlet Tassel wanted a marketing tool that could help them increase their web traffic and in-store sales during November, while reinforcing brand awareness for their company. They consulted with our marketing experts to see if postcards could make it happen.

The Solution

We love the quality product that PostcardMania produces and how easy it is to work through the production process. - Shelly Dozier-Mckee, The Scarlet TasselåØ

Printed 5,000 full color 6 x 8.5 postcards promoting specific in-store events from November 6th to November 8th, 2009. Mailing List: For this campaign, The Scarlet Tassel mailed to their customer base. Mailing Schedule: The campaign of 5,000 postcards was mailed one time to their customer list 12 days before the event date.

The Results

Our direct mail program has allowed us to drive sales despite economic impacts and helped to keep the customers coming through the door. While many of our competitors are closing their doors, we have used our direct mail pieces to keep The Scarlet Tassel name and brand in front of the consumer. - Shelly Dozier-Mckee, The Scarlet Tassel
  • 1.2% Response Rate with 168 postcards redeemed.
  • Average Sale from Each Postcard Customer: $60
  • Campaign Cost, Including Postage: $2370
  • Sales from Leads Generated: Approximately 168
  • ROI (Return on Investment): 425%
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