The Situation

There were two main goals. First, an introduction of two new flavors to our portfolio and, secondarily, gaining new distribution as a result of that.

4u2u Brands is a beverage company whose flagship brand, Fruit 66, is an all-natural, carbonated fruit juice drink. When it came time to introduce their new, non-carbonated Fruit 66 flavors, 4u2u Brands contacted PostcardMania to help them execute a campaign that would not only introduce the new products, but also increase distribution.

The Solution

In terms of postcard mailing, I think it is a particularly effective tool for us in that, with so many school districts across the country, and the geography being pretty vast, it allows us to level that communication touch point.

4u2u mailed their postcards in a one-time blast to 6,963 school districts (their biggest clients) with a call-to-action of getting a free sample kit of their Fruit 66 products.

The Results

The easiest thing in my experience is just the expertise. When Ive dealt with PostcardMania the process has been seamless and theres a very regular expectation of, when we start the campaign, the steps that are involved. There are no surprises and thats a definite benefit. With local printing companies you run into much smaller organizations and it can mean stops and starts. You want to make it as turnkey as possible and PostcardMania allows us to do that. - Brian Kleinsmith, 4u2u Brands

4u2u saw big-time results from their marketing efforts. Here they are in their own words [The responses from the campaign] are up to 140 now weve added a number of new distributers as a result of the mailing, and thats come because of the school districts being interested in the product, contacting their local distribution center, who then orders from us In terms of new distributers, theyre going to be [worth] about $100,000 [for us] per year. And as we introduce new products that can significantly increase.

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