The postcard featured a white background with red accents. The headline read, “Celebrate the Holiday Season. Eat Local Crabs.” The also placed 4 pictures of some of their most popular dishes (oysters, clams, crabs etc.) With restaurants, pictures are really effective for generating interest. How many times have you seen a restaurant ad and said, “Wow, that looks good!”? Works like a charm. They finished up the card by placing the prices of their weekly specials on the front and offering their postcard recipients a special 20% discount on their check.

The Situation

Riptide By The Bay is a seaside restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. Like most restaurants, they face the challenge of overcoming the slow seasons throughout the year to maximize their income potential. They consulted with our marketing experts to find out if postcards could help them boost their slow season sales.

The Solution

Their marketing consultant told them about the success our other restaurant clients have seen with direct mail, and they decided postcards were the solution they were looking for. They mailed 6,000 postcards to residents within 1 mile of their restaurant who had a median income of $40,000 or more. Restaurants have a wide appeal, so they mainly focused on getting their postcards to their neighbors to build a strong following in the community.

The Results

Riptide loved the results their postcards generated. They wanted more customers and more sales during their slow season, and that’s what they got. They have brought in 26 new customers and generated $2,100 so far from just one direct mail campaign! The best part is the more they mail, the better those results will get.

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