The Situation

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Cafe Sweets Bakery knows what it means to whip up some sweet treats! So when it came time to take on more clients, they choose PostcardMania, and not just the scent of their freshly baked goodies, to bring in clients.

The Solution

To start off their direct mail marketing campaign, Cafe Sweets Bakery bought a mailing list of 2500 records. This list was comprised of married consumers who had children and an income over $100,000. To sweeten the deal, Cafe Sweets placed two offers on the front of their card and because offers are a proven method for receiving a better response we give them a thumbs up for it! As for the design, they made sure to include an engaging headline as well as images that further communicated whats being offered. By including a big image of a beautiful cake right on the front of their postcard, Cafe Sweets ensures that anyone glancing through their mail would IMMEDIATELY know what they offered. Overall, it was a pretty darn good design!

The Results

After only 3 mailings of 500 cards a piece, Caf Sweets has received 10 new orders. AND two of these clients have already placed second orders months in advance. With 7 more mailings to go, its safe to say that this marketing campaign was just the recipe they were looking for!

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